Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Soles Still Burn HAWT in Soul Calibur V! (PS3)

Seventeen years after SCIV… Ivy’s still hot as hell.

Aaaand… I’m back! Well, actually I never left. Just been playing games a LOT. Sadly, that basically curtailed a lot of my posting time. Hey, have to spend time with the babes after all. Anyway, I know that last month was a bit sparse in terms of posts, I’ll try to make up for that this month. And believe me, I have a LOT to post on this month of hearts. For starters, we’re starting strong with the recent release of the latest sequel in the renowned Soul Calibur series… Soul Calibur V!

Of course, anyone who regularly reads this blog would know that Soul Calibur IV is one of my all-time favorite, must-have barefoot babe games. This is mainly due to the game’s Character Creation feature, which allows us to clothe or de-clothe the game’s characters as we wish- and of course, the footwear’s the first to come off! This feeture is even more improved in SCV, even if all that's really important is that ability to take off that one article of clothing for us.

Well, Soul Calibur V has arrived and, well, it’s a stunner and a definite improvement for me. Certainly there are similarities in looks with SCIV- they ARE both on the same console anyway, and the graphical upgrade isn’t a leap. It is, however, significant. The game overall still has the general look but is just… better. Everything is a notch more detailed, the lighting more realistic, everything more solid- and of course, the babes softer-looking and smooth, and their soles and toes nicely improved from the slightly rougher, edgy extremities in SCIV. Suffice to say, I look and I like what I see in SCV.

Anyways, there have been many complaints lodged against the game by some gamers due to various omissions in the roster and some new features- but I am loving the game a lot not just for the babes but also simply for the gameplay. This is one sexy, sexy game to play AND watch.

Enough of the gushing, I know- onto the content! As you should have noticed with the vids peppering this post, the first babe I found myself using in SCV is none other than the timeless, ever-ravishing dominatrix Isabella ‘Ivy’ Valentine. I’ve always loved her style and weapon choice, but have usually been repelled by the relative complexity of her moves and control. However, SCV has greatly simplified her use, so now it’s a lot easier to pull off her impressive and dominating range of attacks with both whip-blade and straight sword.

Anyway, how CAN you not love Ivy? She's been around almost the entire series and just gets hotter every time. She's awesome, a courageous beauty as strong in will as she is in body- certainly required for all the grief she's gotten with her Evil Old Man and all. She's literally gone through hell, but has come out a better person for it- even facing death in the eye in doing the right thing. Truly a goddess worth worshipping. I just want to pleasure and pamper this beautiful babe all day, kissing her alabaster soles and toes and comforting her after her long days of fighting. And if she wants, she can stomp those lovely feet on my face anytime!

So check out these several match vids of Ivy (barefoot and dressed in just a sexy lingerie number called the Hunter’s Suit) laying waste to various opponents with her long legs, unique sword and dominating soles. Man, she’s awesome.

We'll definitely have more of Soul Calibur V- my new Must Have Barefoot Babe Game, more Ivy, more of the other SCV babes and just MORE very soon, not just this month but from here on in. Later then!


  1. O_O Awesome Sole Keeper. Man I'm way behind...I still haven't gotten the chance to play Soul calibur IV yet and V already looks like its going to be mind blowingly hot. ^_^

    Seeing a barefoot Ivy is massively sexy. That woman is practically a dominitrix and watching her use her bare feet to dominate (something I always fantasized about her doing to me) just got my heart beating really fast. ^_^

  2. I Think I have developed a Soul Caliber and Tekken foot Fetish.