Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soul Calibur V CAS-play: Kaede Smith (Killer7)

'Barefoot' never looked this good.

As I've posted earlier, I'm really getting into Soul Calibur V, and one of the awesome features is the much-improved Character Creation mode. Aside from just looking a bit better than before, the mode has more items, the ability to attack stickers/tattoos/patterns on your creations and even adjust stuff like body builds. Well, bottom-line is that it lets us recreate Barefoot Babes from all over the place, whether it be from other games, anime, comics or even movies. For now though, our new CAS creation is a classic barefoot hottie from the Playstation 2 era- specifically from the tripped-out Shooter Killer 7 by Suda 51. Yep, Kaede Smith is back.

Reminisce about 'Barefoot' with this Killer 7 Trailer.

In case you don't know her (and if you're a barefoot fan, you MUST), Kaede is one of the titular Killer 7- a band of elite assassins who are actually the fragmented psyches of one person. Kaede is the only female among them, and of course our favorite since she runs around gunning vicious enemies while only dressed in a skimpy, white, blood-spattered sundress and her bare feet- hence her codename, 'Barefoot'.
Why her lovable choice of attire? Well, Kaede was borne from the memories/image of someone her creator killed himself (it's a crazy long story), and that was how she was dressed when she was killed- barefoot and bullet-riddled. Well, she was reborn and resurected with six other personas, to pad around on her fleshy soles, battling evil living bombs known as Heaven Smiles. Killer 7 was one wild ride, so if you haven't already experienced it, find a PS2, a copy of the game and go wild.

I think my CAS is fairly close- the white mini-dress is perfect, although it was a bit of a trick to make the bloodstains (a mix of Kanji stickers and some roundish shapes). Pretty simple but always a pleaser.

Classic barefoot babe from the PS2 era returns via Soul Calibur V's Character Creation!

I'll post more barefoot CAS creations as I make 'em. For now, enjoy the vid! Ah, Kaede. When oh when will Suda revisit your world and give you your own solo adventure...?