Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ibuki in Streetfighter X Tekken

Darn, Rolento lucked out on this one.

I have to admit, from the get-go, I was kinda disappointed in Streetfighter X Tekken. While the fighting game fan in me is amused at the novelty of seeing two awesome fighting franchises collide, the footfan in me is disappointed in the relative lack of barefoot babes. Yeah, Asuka Kazama is in the house but heck, we're not sure if her 'barefoot' instep guards/hakama uniform will make it into the game. The customization feature in SF X Tekken only supports some weird-looking alternate outfits (not sure yet if any of these are barefoot costumes for the babes) and color editing. LAME!

But thankfully it's not all bad- at the very least we have a couple of hot barefoot babes to ogle and enjoy in the game, one of them being Capcom's Ninja Princess, Ibuki! This footie beauty has always been a favorite of mine, and really, I have to say she's looking adorable in this game. The animators seem to really know her fans LOVE her big, pretty feet, and there seems to be a wealth of views of those ninja toes and soles. Just check out the Intro above for Ibuki's team with Rolento- it's so cute and cool to see Ibuki perched on Rolento's staff with her feet and tippy-toes. I know a lot of you out there are quite jealous of that staff... heheh.

This new screenshot from the PC version shows we can count on nice sole shots from Ibuki.

Aside from any cutscenes with Ibuki in the game, we can be sure that there will be nice views of Ibuki as she battles her way through the game- the screenshot above shows her being manhandled by Yoshimitsu's Super Art, which results in a lovely view of her smooth, fleshy soles. Yummy! Incidentally, that screenshot above is from the PC Version, which conceivably may be open to modding- so perhaps we may see barefoot mods for Streetfighter X Tekken in the future? Cross your fingers that this may come true!

Well, mods or not, I'm sure I'll be happy with SFxT if only for Ibuki. But then, she's not the only one- there's another babe of course who's ready to grind her soles into our faces in this game... but that's for another post. Heheh. For now, let Ibuki's pretty ninja soles sneak into your dreams. The game is out on PS3 and Xbox360 early next month!

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  1. very compelling reason to get Street Fighter X Tekken. Man I love Ibuki. ^_^ Great post Sole Keeper!!