Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enter Chun-Ryu! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

Yep, that's Chun-Gi, er, Chun-Li!

We're back with another awesome mod for the uber-sexy PC version of Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition, this time it's for the ever-beautiful Beat 'Em Up Icon, Chun-Li. Master Modder Sloth86 brings us yet another perfectly-crafted custom skin, portraying Chun-Li as Streetfighter's wandering Shotokan fighter, Ryu, in a tattered Karate Gi and barefoot! Yeah, a shapeless martial arts uniform covers up most of Chun, particularly her long and formidable legs, but it of course leaves bare our favorite parts. Needless to say, the humble gi outfit has its fans (me among them) and unique appeal. Seeing the lovely Kung-Fu Mistress in it is a truly unique treat and something we'd never thought possible years ago. Thanks BE to SSFIV AE on PC! Thanks BE to awesome modders and their masterpieces!

Sakura was initially puzzled at how Ryu-san suddenly grew breasts.

Ibuki encounters a new wandering warrior!

The shock of seeing Chun-Li in a karate gi was enough to render Makoto totally unconscious.

Cammy's confused but not confounded at her old friend/rival's new look.

One can imagine that travelling hobo/fighter Ryu would be kinda... stinky and sweaty... but surely the lovely Chun-Li, despite being dressed in a similar way, would smell divine, from her ever-cute and endearing hair buns to her big and sexy (and noticeably more soft-looking and feminine) feet. It's really an awesome mod and I think this look just suits Chun-Li perfectly for some reason.
Unlike most mods, this one only comes with two variants for Chun-Ryu; one with her 'bun' hair, and one with boyish-cut hair like Ryu's (all ten colors are just plain white otherwise). But then, that's just a little quibble; this is definitely one keeper of a custom skin. So if you got the game, this is one mod to get. Otherwise, just check out the action as Chun-Ryu takes on several challengers (all of whom are somewhat less covered-up) in some sexy, sexy matches. Enjoy!

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  1. O_O Really hot Solekeeper. ^_^ Getting to see Chun Li in a gi is very sexy. :-D