Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barefoot Giantess Attack! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Meet Bhaala, Barefoot, Evil, Goth Giantess and Sorceress. They don't get any hotter than that.

And here's some more barefoot awesomeness from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC! No ordinary babe's on offer here, but one HUMONGOUS babe. She's Bhaala, a gorgeous Storm Giant Queen and one furious lady. My Dovakiin was walking along the wilderness and happened upon this beShemoth as a random encounter. At once they did battle, but to our hero's horror, all his most powerful Shouts could do is briefly render Bhaala unconscious. After a while she would awaken and renew her attack, tracking down the Dovakiin wherever he ran! How will our hero knock out this relentless foe before he ends up pasted to the bottom of her deadly (but lovely) soles?
Bhaala is one HOT babe- not only is she a Villainess, she's a Barefoot Giant Villainess. Scratch that, she's a Barefoot Giant Goth Villainess... man, how hot is that? Anyway, no matter how hot and kissable her giant feet are, this Titanic Diva is going down. Just how that happens is a nice surprise...

And you thought the girls' feet in Super Streetfighter IV were big...

Anyway yeah- this is of course just a little show I fixed up with the game, the amazing FemFeet mod (which you can see even blown up 10 times is still making for the most kissable, luscious game feet ever I think) and some console commands. Bhaala herself is a simple Bandit mage, blown up to gigantic size by using the SetScale console command. The 'Knockouts' are done by inputting 'Kill' as a console command as well (and it has varied effects, but I only use the sexy crumple ones). Of course, it's pretty obvious that thanks to these little tricks we can have the most intimate, closeup looks at some amazing looking female feet. The detail is pretty wonderful, and this with my PC only at Medium settings. In High or Ultra I imagine the feet would look pretty realistic. Man.

Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting soles.

I think it's pretty obvious that Skyrim PC, with the FemFeet mod is a Footlover's dream game. It certainly is damn fun just by itself, but with the many mods making it all the more sexy and playable, this is one game I may be playing and enjoying for a long, long time.

My Dovakiin's Encounter with the Sexy Soles of Bhaala the Storm Giantess!

For now though, enjoy the Barefoot GTS Villainess action in the vid, and some screencaps for some great views of beautiful feet and soles so big, you can cuddle up in them. Heheh... Enjoy! Count on more Barefoot Babes from Skyrim to come!

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  1. Wow...massively awesome post Sole Keeper. I love GTS content. The bigger the soles the more that I wind up staring at them. Hee hee awesome banner too. Great stuff!!