Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ninja Asuka, Plus Christie and Elena! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Ninja Asuka! Or is it Ninjasuka?

Capcom's latest fighter, the crossover-crazy Streetfighter X Tekken is out in a couple of days. I didn't think my excitement for the game could get any higher but hey, it did thanks to the pic above. The costume may be a bit Bizarro-ish, but that is none other than Asuka Kazama up there, looking a bit like a kunoichi with her mask, ninja fishnet wardrobe, baggy pantaloons and, best of all, foot-exposing instep guard leggings. This is one of Asuka's alternate costumes which, as the way of the game goes, has her dressing up as someone from the opposing Streetfighter camp. Obviously, she's dressed up as Ibuki (or Guy, I guess), baring her toes and soles in the process. Which shouldn't be a biggie since she does after all wear instep guards with her usual P1 Martial Arts Uniform, although that sadly doesn't seem to be a part of this game. Well, lack of hakamas aside, thankfully with this outfit we can see Asuka's feet (albeit not fully bare, but it's fine) dealing out her kicks to the Capcom combatants. This outfit will apparently be DLC, and should be releaed sometime after launch.

Onto other barefoot babes in the game then! Well, they WILL be in the game eventually as DLC, but sadly Christie Monteiro and Elena, the two Capoeira Babes, will not be available out of the box on release day. The two will debut in the upcoming PS Vita version of Streetfighter X Tekken first- we assume they'll be released on PS3 and Xbox360 soon after that.
It'll be a while till we see them in action (though some CG cinematics of them have leaked on Youtube already!), so check out how their 3D models look (although in unfinished, uncolored form) below. Both are apparently barefoot in at least one of their alternate costumes as well, which is great.

Christie Monteiro is ready to samba!

This leggy princess is ready to rock the house with her dancing feet.

Ibuki, Juri, Asuka, Chrisite and Elena... well, SFxTekken's barefoot babe score just jumped up! This is one fun game that's not going to lack in hotties to ogle. Can't wait to grab my copy then when it launches very, very soon.


  1. Wow...that ninja costume on Asuka looks really sexy on her. I love the character models for Elena and Christie too. This game is looking better and better. :-D

  2. Oh hell yes! Asuka has always been one of my favorite Tekken girls and now she is going to be even more awesome! I can't wait for when it comes out this week! Excellent post dude! You are always there when the foot content in games is high and in great quality!!!

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