Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barefoot Barbarian Babes! (Age of Barbarian PC)

Skyrim, MOVE OVER! Here comes AGE OF BARBARIAN!!!

Okay, this came out of left field- a seemingly retro-ish hack-and-slash 2D action game for the PC loaded with good ol' fashioned violence and nudity! Yep, complete with hilariously cheezy copy and voiceover. That all said, this is a game that looks to please foot fans easily. Not many games out there give you a barefoot, bikini-clad warrior princess running around in sexy fashion. This almost seems like a game version of the classic Fire and Ice animated film by Ralph Bakshi (anyone here remember that? Barefoot Babe CLASSIC). Hey, the heroine, Sheyna, dresses just like Princess Tigra in Fire and Ice and has a sizzling Angelina Jolie-esque look to her which I am really liking. She's certainly no damsel in distress and can decapitate and dismember just as well as the male barbarian hero, all the while running barefoot everywhere from grassy forests to dark dungeons. Man, after all that she'd probably enjoy a good foot massage on those sexy, strong soles.

Okay, barefoot babes AND Tentacles? This game is gonna sell TONS.

Anyway, from the videos we can see that the graphics are pretty clean and nice, with big character sprites that are smoothly animated. From what I can tell, your barbarian starts off nearly naked and from there may put on some articles of clothing to give some protection- though I'm sure any 'armor' won't cover up much. The game seems to have quite a few locales to explore, lots of enemies to fight and such. I definitely like the little touches, like the sound of the Princess's bare feet as she runs. Mmm. This game may be something to look forward to when it arrives later this year. It will be available as a digital download and in a DVD version (which comes with a Making Of video... wow!). I think I'll keep an eye out for this. Guilty Pleasure indeed!

Cheesy, sexy and bloody action with a barefoot barbarian princess... hey, what's not to love?

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  1. Wow Sheyna looks massively hot. Female warrior feet rule. ^_^