Monday, March 12, 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw: Barefoot Bikini Babe vs Zombies!

Will this bubbly babe bare her soles for the slavering hordes?

When Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming sexy action title Lollipop Chainsaw was firt shown off, I was intrigued. Hey, what red-blooded male wouldn't be excited by the thought of a hot, blonde cheerleader bouncing around, high-kicking and decapitating zombies? This action title for the PS3 and Xbox360 looked certainly like a spectacle, an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek slash 'em up which oozed pink bubblegum, cheesecake and wacky humor. The only problem was, heroine Juliet Starling didn't seem to be the type to battle undead unshod. For the first few months since release, nary a sight of toes or soles was to be seen, even with the announcement of some extra outfits. So I thought, what a pity- this game could have been something for us. Well, that was then. This is now.

Recent screens have shown off more costumes and lo and behold- foot fans will not be disappointed!

Juliet cosplays as the (semi)barefoot Shiro from Deadman Wonderland!

The first barefoot costume is one of several outfits done in collaboration with various zombie-themed anime (such as Haruna from Zombie Wa Desu Ka, etc), allowing Juliet to cosplay as a zombie-fighting anime heroine. The barefoot costume is that of Shiro, the white-haired, bodysuited heroine from Deadman Wonderland. Now, I haven't seen the anime myself, but now I am interested. Anyway, Shiro's outfit is a skintight number that covers most of Juliet's body- but leaves the best parts- her toes and heels- bare for us to ogle ala instep guard-type leggings (such as worn by Asuka Kazama in Tekken, or Mai Shiranui in Real Bout Fatal Fury).

The next two barefoot outfits are sexy, skimpy bikinis! Hold on though- there's a bit of a catch. Unlike the Anime-themed Collaborative Outfits (which includes the Shiro Cosplay), the two bikinis are exclusive Premium Content, available ONLY with the Premium Editions for the PS3 and Xbox360. Furthermore, only one bikini is available per console- so to get them both, you have to buy both versions. EGAD! Darn console exclusivity!

The Multi-layer Bikini is a bonus for the PS3 Premium Edition.

Who can resist a babe who can do this?

Anyway, the Premium versions are apparently the same price as the regular edition, so that's no biggie- however, you still have to buy both games if you're a completist (or just really, really like seeing Juliet in a bikini). I say, just get one. They're only slightly different anyway. One last thing- this is for the Japanese version. So conceivably the US or International versions may get the costumes by default with no Premium Edition nonsense (albeit you may still only get one bikini per console version regardless). But let's just forget all about these annoying conditions and just enjoy the sight of a barefoot bikini babe showing off her gorgeous body, toes and soles for her loving admirers.

The Shell Bikini is the bonus for the Xbox360 Premium Edition.

Foot fans have a reason to cheer as well when this game hits shelves.

I haven't actually seen any footage of Juliet in her bikini in action, but I hope that the costume can be worn throughout the game, even in the Campaign or Story mode equivalent, and through any and all cutscenes. That would really make this a treat. Anyway, having a barefoot muse hacking away in this game has made Lollipop Chainsaw a title to look forward to, when it arrives this coming June. From all these screens, I think this one may just be a great addition to any footfan's game library. Well see in mid-2012!


  1. Hey Sole,look what I did.


  2. Great, and if I don't buy either version NOW, I'm fracked. Nice.

  3. Wow that is a massively hot way to battle zombies. O_O

  4. *massive nosebleed which causes fainting from how hot the pics are* I am going to lose so much semen playing this game now! Thanks for sharing dude!!!!!!!!

  5. About the costumes included in the game, this is what they said in their twitter account:
    "all outfits will be available in all countries"
    I suppose that "all outfits" means absolutely ALL costumes, manga & anime costumes and bikini costumes.
    heretichero666: Se van a perder muchos litros de semen con este juego, no solo los tuyos, JAJAJAJA, que cachondo eres XDD

  6. Dalep: I sure hope that indeed is true- perhaps the bonus thing about the bikinis was changed, or is just for Japan? In any case, I look forward to kicking zombie butt with a bikini-clad and barefoot cheerleader soon. ^____^

  7. Stefan: Hey! Nice work. I guess you can consider yourself a modder. Heheh ^__^

    1. Wish sloth would make this mod a reality.

  8. Whoa. Did not expect this lovely lady to be showing up here. Very pleased.