Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beware the Siren! (Bioshock Infinite)

This creepy barefoot spectral babe awaits in the next Bioshock...

If you remember the first Bioshock, it was an awesome shooter though the only barefoot babes in it were crazy, creepy female Splicers (specifically, the Baby Doll variant). Yeah, there were the Little Sisters but they were a bit too young for my tastes (and too glowy-eyed). The next game in the series, Bioshock 2 was bereft of any unshod beauties, but the upcoming third game in this series- Bioshock Infinite may have something for foot fans. Though we still don't know if the lovely female lead Elizabeth will show off her toes and soles (probably not), one of the enemies we'll be encountering in the game- one of the 'Heavy Hitters'- is a mysterious female called The Siren. She's mostly shrouded in wispy cloth, but is shown in an illustration wearing a kind of flowery crown. Aside from that, the only part of her body so far shown are her very-bare legs and feet. Nice! Well, I dunno though if we'll still be attracted to this menacing muse once she's unmasked, but hopefully her face is at least as nice as her feet.

I'm thinking though that sadly once dispatched, this spectral lady may just vanish into mist, but here's to the hope we see more of her in the game that gives us a nicer view. Just a little update for now. Bioshock Infinite is out later this year.

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