Thursday, March 29, 2012

Barefoot Dovakiin: The Travels of Krysta Kai (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Krysta likes taking walks along rivers, men who give great foot massages and dabbling in black magic.

It had to happen... I'm hopelessly addicted to Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on the PC, so it was inevitable that I'd post my own personal Video Playthrough series. However, as you may all have figured out- this is pretty much made with footfans' tastes in mind. Our heroine, the titular Krysta, is a very down-to-earth Breton woman- in fact, she's so down with the earth that she feels her best when her flesh is constantly in touch with the soil. She loves the feel of fresh grass between her toes, or even the grindy feel of gravel. Luckily, thanks to her Dragonborn blood Krysta's feet are invulnerable to the hardest cobblestones, and she'll never get cold feet even in the harshest of blizzards! Man, is that a foot goddess or what?

Whether it's forest, glacier or city road- Krysta walks them unshod and unstoppable!

With the exception of some particular sequences or quests where she has to wear something, our heroine will be going through the game unshod. It's a sacrifice of course as boots do give a nice bit of overall protection... but to make things even more difficult, Krysta's big hair also makes it so that she'll probably shun most headgear, while her fashion sense may make her shun some armor in favor of less-protective but sexier outfits... Coupled with this game being played on Expert, I think this may give me a bit of a challenge (Not Master though... I'm not a masochist).
I've already posted four 'chapters' so far- expect a LOT more. My playthrough will include the use of various PC mods, including of course the awesome CBBE Body (Slim), Coverwomen face mod and ApachiiSky Hair. Aside from the cosmetic, there are also gameplay-centric mods that will give little surprises and cool bits to see that you won't see on console.
Check out the vids for now- there's sure to be lots of action and fan service in this action-adventure playthrough. Where will Krysta's feet take her? We'll find out!

Oh, and did I mention that Skyrim is one of those games that nicely has a specific sound effect for Barefoot Soles walking? So nice to hear Krysta's soles lapping away. Heheh. Once again, I heartily recommend barefoot fans to get Skyrim for PC. Most Awesome Barefoot Babe RPG you can get. Or, just watch my vids! Later then! Krysta's got dragons to kill!

Here's a nice parting shot of things to come...

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