Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skyrim Soles: CBBE or UNP? (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

My hot barefoot conjurer babe will serve as our foot model for today.

In case you haven't been updated on recent events here on my blog, as of late my new Favorite Barefoot Babe Game as of right now isn't a One-on-One Beat 'Em Up like the awesome Tekken 6 or Soul Calibur V. Nope, it's an RPG- but none other than the most awesome RPG from Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Admittedly though, Skyrim only got their lofty status as an Awesome Open World RPG filled with Hot Barefoot/Barefoot-able Babes thanks to MODS. Just like Super Streetfighter IV, the vanilla version of Skyrim was a great RPG but not a hot barefoot babe game- thanks mainly to the devs being absolutely lazy when it came to rendering the in-game feet of Skyrim's ladies. Whereas in the previous game, Oblivion, they actually bothered to give character models feet with individual toes, the bare feet in Skyrim were a blurry, mashed-up mess.

Thankfully, modding is part and parcel of the Elder Scrolls games, and Skyrim is no exception. With the release of the Creation Kit, modders have been encouraged to add to the world of Skyrim everything from new characters to quests, new weapons and all sorts of graphical and gameplay improvements. Wonderfully enough, a modder named Phygit developed the FemFeet mod which gives the females of this fantasy world detailed, sexy feet to walk around in and allure the menfolk with. BTW there is no MenFeet mod as of yet- so I guess the female foot fetish crowd isn't being catered to...). The feet are actually so well done, I venture to say they're the best in-game bare feet I've yet seen in a game. They're that luscious. Heheh.
Anyway, there are actually two majorly popular female full body mods that incorporate Phygit's FemFeet along with enhancements in skin, breasts and faces for the less attractive Vanilla models. The two are Caliente's CBBE and the Dimonized UNP female body mods. What's the difference? Actually you'd be hard-pressed to figure that out at first glance. But fellow foot fan OlgerthHeidern666 on Youtube pointed out a good way to distinguish them.

Basically the CBBE body is given to be more voluptuous, with a splendidly large pair of boobs (although there IS a less pinup-ish 'slim' version), while the UNP body is more athletic, with not-so-large breasts and a slim but attractive physique. Well, that's up to individual tastes to figure out for themselves. Basically though, both UNP and CBBE have their own compatible costume mods and armors, including some 'barefoot' armor leggings as of yet exclusive to UNP- a great incentive for playres to choose it over CBBE. However, for me, it all boils down to the FEET themselves. Which body mod has the better feet? Well, there IS a significant different between the two bods' execution of their peds, and I'll show you them below in the screens.

First off, let's see how the CBBE and UNP feet look from the top and sides.

CBBE Female Feet from the top and side.

The CBBE feet have a nice, uniform skintone to the feet, and the toenails are pleasingly au naturelle (there IS an option for nail polish, but only one color can be chosen at a time, and ALL women will wear that same color- so I opted to NOT use it). You can see a slight hint of an arch with the side view.

UNP Female Feet from the top and side.

The UNP feet seems to have even more detail in terms of the toes from the top view, with the toenails particularly standing out. The UNP feet also have a nice sheen to the skin, quite a difference from the more subdued skin of the CBBE Feet. That said, I think it's safe to say from the top and sides, BOTH UNP and CBBE female feet look great- it all comes down to the person on which is better in that regard. So now we come to where they diverge from each other, and where my preference is decided.

The UNP Feet from BELOW show off some uniformly smooth soles- too smooth I think, to the point that they seem flat. Normal feet aren't really this flat (unless you're flat-footed) or uniformly featureless, if you know feet.

In contrast, the CBBE Feet, when seen from below, show quite a bit more detail and texture with their soles, showing off the division of the balls of the foot, plus a more visible arch. It's a bit more detail which, while not perfect, goes quite a long way in making the soles more lifelike.

Again, it's certainly not perfect, but it's really nicely done and what made me ultimately choose CBBE over UNP. I AM after all called The SOLE Keeper. The Better Sole means the Better Foot.

CBBE Feet have SOLE.

As you can see in the extra pic above, the CBBE soles' detail is even more pronounced and life-like in the daytime. You can clearly see the areas of the foot that are supposed to touch the ground and which is the elevated instep. Sometimes the effect of the shading has the nice visual effect of giving the soles a slightly 'soiled' appearance... how's that for detail?

In the end though, it's up to you, the player, to decide which body mod you'll install for your Skyrim. UNP is hothothot, and there are many sexy outfits as well as the barefoot armor leggings to use. If soles aren't as important for you, then UNP may be the mod to go with. But if you're like me and soles are the bomb, then CBBE is the only way to go. Take heart that the creator of the barefoot leggings has indicated that he will make CBBE versions of his mods eventually.

In closing, let's thank my lovely Novice Conjurer Zombie Babe for serving as our foot model for most of the article. She's a lovely lass- although she did start off trying to kill me. She's actually pretty low level and weak, but heck, she's HOT so I decided to take her along as a Barefoot Zombie Babe Follower (thanks to a mod, zombies don't crumble into ash afterwards, but can be used indefinitely like the Dead Thrall spell). Anyway, in case you still haven't gotten the hint- Skyrim for PC is a MUST game for serious Barefoot Babe fans. It's got amazing gameplay AND amazing barefoot babes. What more could you ask for? Anyway, hope you found this article enjoyable. I'll be off then back to Skyrim and giving my barefoot babes some much-deserved foot massages...


  1. Wow...that is some very close examination of the modding and the feet they provide. Great close ups and analysis Sole Keeper. ^_^ I'm really impressed with the game and these mods the combination of which provide some incredibly sexy exotic women showing off their bare feet. Really hot!!

  2. An indepth analysis of female bare feet from two different body mods in Skyrim. I expected nothing less from you. Then again, if I ran a blog, I probably would have made a similar post related to the female abs, or something.