Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barefoot Capoeira Babes Unite! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Christie Monteiro and Elena together... who'd have thought it possible?

Another Streetfighter X Tekken DLC preview, care of some leaked/hacked Xbox360 vids on Youtube. Not just a simple outfit (like Asuka's ninja costume) but entire characters. Slated for release later this year on the PS Vita and on consoles are the Capoeira Lovelies Christie Monteiro (Tekken) and Elena (Streetfighter). In case you didn't know, Christie's a Brazilian lass taught the kickfighting arts by her grandfather; Elena's an African princess who seems part healer, part shaman, all barefoot hottie! Well, our feelings about Capcom having them on the disc yet keeping them away from us for now aside, I can't help but be grateful that they'll eventually be ours for the playing and enjoying soon enough. Even nicer, as far as I can tell even in their alternate costumes they're still barefoot, which is awesome. Elena is wearing her Julia lookalike outfit above, I think.

Anyway, till they're formally released, for now check out the vid above and the Youtube Channel of SFxTScammer for a lot more vids of these barefoot babes in action.

So, who's feet would you want to massage and worship more? Christie's or Elena's?


  1. :-D Double Capoeira girl hotness awesome!! That last question is really tough...I can't decide who's feet I want to massage or worship more. They are both so sexy!!

  2. Elena actually does her illustration pose every-time you put the cursor on her at the character select screen as if she wants you to look at the sole her feet:)

  3. Yeah, I noticed that too, although I haven't gotten a good look at her yet since the footage is glitchy as yet. Gotta love that pose indeed. ^___^ Just made for foot fans' tastes.