Monday, February 13, 2012

Barefoot Babes and Bullets! (Jagged Alliance: Back in Action)

Never knew mercenaries could be this foxy!

Here's a nice surprise... barefoot babes can pop up everywhere, it seems- even in turn-based tactical strategy games. The vid above (from gaming site Giant Bomb) is from the new Jagged Alliance: Back in Action for PC. As mentioned, it's a turn-based battle title, with guns and mercs comprising the bulk of the action. The goal is to overthrow an evil dictator on some fictional island by putting together your own motley crew of mercs and hardware. Thankfully among the dozens of seedy blokes and dudes there are quite a few ladies- and among them a babe named Fox who actually prefers going barefoot (well, actually nude if her dossier is to be believed!). The character customization allows you to outfit every character from head to toe, so conceivably you can have a barefoot babe army if you want. NICE!

Of course, even if the character models are nicely-detailed, this game is mostly seen from far away, and it's a fairly deep and deliberately-paced strategy game- not exactly a game to buy for ogling barefoot babes, but if you're a strategy action fan then this is a nice title to check out with a nice sexy bonus. Heheh. I just may pick it up. For now, check out the vid if the action (and foxy Fox) are to your liking. Later then!

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  1. O_O Hot!!! This looks like a cool strategy game. ^_^ Bare feet are are a good way to move around silently I imagine that barefoot army of women could play an important part in any regime change. Especially if the person in charge is a foot fetishist. :-D