Monday, February 27, 2012

Skyrim's Perfect Soles! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, PC)

Yes, those are supposed to be... feet.

Hey there, Foot-fans! I know I've been a bit remiss lately in updating, but THIS is an update to remember- in fact, I may say that this is the greatest Virtual Soles discovery/acquisition ever since the Barefoot Mods of Super Streetfighter IV PC. Yep, it's THAT BIG. No wonder though that this is of course a game from the PC- none other than the mammoth, uber-RPG The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim!

Now, as a testament to the truly fun and enjoyable quality of the game, I kept playing it (and playing it, and playing it) even though to be honest, while pretty much every aspect of the game was improved since the last game in the series, the Bethesda Devs messed up one one teensy-weensy little aspect... THE FOKKIN' FEET. Yes, of all things, the bare feet and soles of humanoids in the game- whether they be hulking Orcs, tough Nords or (somewhat alien-looking) mystical Elves, all shared the same HIDEOUS, blurred, non-detailed, smudgy, melted-looking stumps at the ends of their legs instead of actual feet. No toes at all, just what appeared to be cat scratches that I guess were supposed to stand for toes. Like dirty socks (I guess great for sock fans).
This is actually a big stumble backwards since in Elder Scrolls V Oblivion, a game that came out- oh, five or so years ago.. (I think) actually had feet with toes! I guess none of the devs is a foot fan, or whoever handled the feet in Oblivion resigned or left the company since then. Geh.

So I resigned myself to just playing the game straight, and if thoughts of the feet came to mind I had to fill in the smudgy mess with my imagination. Sad, really. Again, it's testament to the game's awesomeness that I kept playing it, ugly feet and all. But LO! Recently Bethesda released their awesome Creation Kit, which allows gamers and fans to make and share their own mods and improvements for Skyrim. Since release (and even before), hundreds upon hundreds have been made or are being made- with everything from actual new quests, to new characters, redone skins and costumes, nude mods, new spells, more nude mods and, um, nude mods. Well, fortunately for us, at least one of those modders- a guy named Phygit, took it upon himself to create his awesome, awesome FemFeet mod.

Obviously, this is a mod that replaces the ugly mess of what is supposed to be feet in the Vanilla Skyrim game with something more foot-like (according to the mod description). But lo, this is no simple texturing. It's an actual mesh as well as textures which gives us not just painted-on art for feet- the mod gives us an actual set of quite lovely, female feet complete with individual toes, toenails and fleshy soles! I must say, with the FemFeet mod, Skyrim now has THE best-looking in-game feet I've seen in a game (in my humble opinion). There is actually an option as well for painted toenails (which I'm sure some of you will enjoy) however I do not want to apply this since activating it makes ALL females have the same color, and that's just weird. What is left though is still very lovely, feminine feet, so soft-looking and alluring- I'm sure any foot fan will be pleased to see them. Now, without any further ado, the proof is in the pudding, so take a look at some sample screens of the FemFeet mod below!

Videogame soles so lifelike you can almost imagine how they may smell...

Even from above, the detail is amazing. Check out the oh, so-slight vein. Love went into making this mod.

Man, have to say- not since Tekken 6 have I seen such wonderful game feet. Truly soles and toes to die for (or kill for, in the game... heheh). So far I am using this mod- Caliente's CBBE with Female Feet textures that incorporates FemFeet with a sexy body mod. Aside from that, I just installed a mod that improves and beautifies the faces of the game's ladies. It looks like Skyrim now will be a much different, sexier, hotter and awesome game that it was when it launched last year... and I look forward to hunting for more sexy soles in the wild fantasy realm to share with you all. If you have a PC or can afford one, THIS is truly a MUST-HAVE game for the Foot Fan who wants the BEST. All you need is your laptop and the game- mods are free to download and installing them is pretty easy (as easy as pushing a button, for the most part), even easier than with the SSFIV PC mods, thanks to the Creation Kit support. Man, I wish I could make my own mods. Maybe someday... but for now I'll be content just to use them and enjoy the game.

Anyway, that's NOT all! Stay tuned very soon for more from Skyrim and it's new and improved Female Feet... including an awesome, BIG Update that I'm sure will bowl you guys over. For now, enjoy the Fantasy Feet of Skyrim, and let them fulfill your wildest sole dreams!


  1. Ah, welcome to the wonderful world of Skyrim modding. Dimon's UNP body is better than Caliente's though ;) IMO of course.

  2. It's pretty awesome. This is a gold mine of barefoot babe hotness. And about time, too. ^___^

  3. Wow Sexier Skyrim is right. O_O Awesome modding and great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

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