Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soul Calibur V adds more Hotness via DLC (PS3)

Ivy gets even hotter with the halter-top bikini included in the DLC Pack.

Soul Calibur V is a sexy, sexy game with some hot barefoot-able babes just ready to fight for your pleasure. Well, it can get even hotter if you spend a couple of dollars for the Customization Pack 1 DLC. Yeah, it's kinda annoying that the producers left out something as simple as your basic bikini out of the underwear options included and unlocked in the game disc (just one ploy to get more money), but hell... what can you do? Go without seeing the babes wearing this nice, sheer number? Hey, seeing Ivy and the rest of the babes wear the skimpy swimsuits included in the pack is worth more than the measly three dollars or so they charge. Priceless, actually!
Well, what do you get? Three new pieces of underwear- a Bikini with Sarong which is pretty meh (makes their butts look big), a Halter-top Bikini (the Best of the lot... HOT and cheeky from behind...) and finally, a metal 'Amazon' Bikini (kinda neat for a change). I am missing that sexy Red Sonja-esque Beong-San lingerie from SCIV, but perhaps it's still in the game, but I haven't unlocked it yet. Anyway, the bikinis start off with plain monochrome color but you can of course change that up or even add different patterns in SCV's Creation mode. Pretty sweet!

Ivy and the other SCV babes show off what the DLC Pack has in store for you!

So check out the vid above, showing off the goods, as it were- not just Ivy but several of the other SCV babes showing off their bikini battle bods. Man, who'd ever thought that SC would make Dead or Alive look positively frumpy now? Feet and fan service, plus fighting excellence- perfection! More to come soon, people. Enjoy the vid!

Pyrrah shows off a bit more skin with this little gold-plated number.


  1. Wow...*Jaw drops* Have to admit it is pretty diabolical on the developer's part to include the swimsuits as Downloadable content. If gamers are going to spend extra money for features that should have came with the would definitely be for that. Still have to admit the girls look really hot and I am once again in need of a really cold shower after viewing this post. ^_^;

  2. how many points does this go for? Or does PSN don't have points cards?

  3. This is on PSN, which uses credit cards or prepaid cash cards. I don't know the US price, but it cost about 2.59 Singapore Dollars on the Asian PS Store. Pretty cheap, actually.

  4. @TheSoleKeeper

    Well that really Sucks. I was hoping that you could buy Points Cards for the PSN,like you can do for The Wii Shop Channel or the DLC of Wii.

  5. You CAN buy 'Points Cards' for PSN. That's what I meant by prepaid cash cards. You buy the cards with the cash value, load that into your PSN wallet and buy away.

  6. @TheSoleKeeper Oh. Ok. Thanks. I'm hoping to get a PS3 and this game this year.

  7. It's also on Xbox360, BTW, in case you didn't know that. I of course post PS3 vids because I own a PS3. The same content DLC is on Xboxlive as well, afaik.