Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SCIV CASplay: Jue vs Thaddeus (Animatrix)

Then, and even to this day, Final Flight of the Osiris' Jue is one hot barefoot fighting babe.

One of my most favorite barefoot babe fight scenes is the sexy CG striptease swordfight from The Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris. Even if Osiris wasn't the exactly the most critically-acclaimed of the various Matrix anime films, it was the most memorable for me, in terms of visuals and, of course, one HOT barefoot kick-ass babe by the name of Jue. Even today, the graphics and animation of that eye-catching duel still holds well to stuff you see in games and movies today- not bad for something released about seven or eight years ago. Anyway, as my previous posts have shown, I'm in a Soulcalibur IV Character Creation mood these days, so I thought... why not remake the Jue and Thaddeus fight in CASplay?

Well, the result isn't perfect- while I think Thad turned out pretty well... really, who cares? Jue on the other hand looks slightly different, mainly due to a lack of an exact hairstyle and underwear customization that's like in the film. Plus, both of them have no blindfolds. On the whole though, I think she's a pretty good redo. So to fix that up, I thought up some backstory to set up the video.

So this sword duel between Jue and Thad isn't actually the same fight shown in The Animatrix- This battle actually takes place several years before the events in Final Flight of the Osiris, in fact, the first duel ever between Thaddeus and Jue. This explains why they both look a bit younger than in the film. Also, to explain the combative nature of their dialogue to each other (not stuff lovers would exchange, obviously), it's due to the fact that they're NOT in a relationship yet. Thad is the respected veteran, while Jue is a young upstart recruit, and they each hate each others' guts. In this fight, they're actually trying to take the other out- unlike in the anime, where they're basically just performing foreplay. Check out the vid now!

This duel is set years before the one in the anime. Also, this fight ends with a definite victor.

And the winner is... JUE! Why, you ask, when she was clearly the one lying unconscious on the floor at the end of the match. Well, yes, Jue did lose the fight, but Thaddeus lost his heart to the young woman who fought him with such exceptional skill, courage... and perfect feet with smooth and soft soles he'd surely want to caress, massage and stroke for hours... with his face.

Who knows, perhaps this was indeed the case- perhaps Jue and Thad's relationship began at First Fight. Well, certainly it would have given him, as it gave us, ample opportunity to see and ogle Jue's lovely bare feet in action... and surely by now we're madly in love with her as well. So enjoy the vid and keep dreaming of Jue's soft soles pressing into your face.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off-Topic: No Strings Attached Poster

As the post title says, this is a bit off-topic from my usual articles about virtual soles, but it's still about hot, deliciously sexy babe feet... in this case, the utterly lovely toes and soles of the gorgeous Natalie Portman. If you're a bit of a movie fan like me, you'll know that one of the upcoming movies with the former Padme Amidala is No Strings Attached, a sex comedy pairing Miss Portman with Ashton Kutcher. Now, our attention now goes to the sexy poster for this movie, which you can see just below. Of course, foot fans will surely notice the travesty that has occured here.

How DARE you cover those toes with offending type! BAD art director! BAD!!!

Yep- the poster's layout artist surely did the world of foot fandom wrong by allowing Natalie's feet to be covered up by the title text. What the hell was he thinking? "Gosh, I guess the title text can go over Natalie's feet- it's not like anyone would want to see them..." What an outrage! Hot, lovely toes lost forever by bad type placement. This was always on my mind whenever I saw the poster. I thought constantly, what a waste!

Thankfully though, today I went over to the trailer site and LO! I thought my eyes were deceiving me but it was true- there was now a new version of the poster, thankfully with the evil offending text finally placed away from Natalie's beautiful toes, setting them free for everyone to ogle and gaze at to their heart's content.

Better. Much better.

Perhaps a foot fan phoned the poster production house and alerted them to this mistake, or perhaps there was one well-placed who saw the affront and was able to have it remedied. Sadly, there are many, many bad early versions of the poster online, but for the ones who care (us), we can find the version that has us in mind. Now, whether this film turns to be a hit or a bomb, it really doesn't matter- at least the poster's already a big hit. Okay, back to blogging about virtual feet and soles then...

Monday, January 24, 2011

SCIV CASplay: Kitana vs Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

Kitana and Mileena done our way, thanks to Soulcalibur IV's Character Creation Mode!

The upcoming Mortal Kombat looks pretty slick, admittedly, with detailed characters, smooth animations, brutal attacks (although gimmicky with the X-ray schtick) and even bloodier fatalities than ever before. But really, blood and gore aren't really to my taste, and I don't need to see guts and organs exposed- just sexy, pretty ninja girl feet! Thanks to Soulcalibur IV's Character Creation mode, that's just what we get here in these hot fight vids: Two formidable and beautiful kunoichi battling to the finish, along the way shearing off clothing till only the bare essentials are left.
Dressed in blue is the lovely Princess of Outworld, Kitana, sporting precise and deadly skills concealed beneath a genteel surface. In purple is her fiercer, more violent clone, Mileena, a born killer with dual blades and feral lethality. Note that Mileena, being a more hardcore fighter, is barefoot by default so as to better allow her agility and speed to pounce (and of course, because it's damn sexy).
Sparks and clothing will fly in these knockdown, drag-out, striptease fights-to-the-finish! Which babe will end up the winner, and which will end up lying unconscious on the floor, her soles bared for all to see?

Well, check both vids out to see, and get ready to give the loser (or winner) the soothing worship and service on their tired toes and soles that they deserve. Enjoy!

Our Mileena lacks the beastly fangs and cannibalistic tendencies, but she's still bad-ass, hot and kinda creepy...

Our Kitana may not have her fans, but she retains the original's principle of hidden weaponry and lethal grace.

I'll have more SCIV CASplay videos up in the future. Which Mortal Kombat or other fighting game babes will next be featured? Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Misery (Onechanbara)

I didn't know Nightmare from Soul Calibur had a little sister...

The Onechanbara series from D3 Publisher of Japan is certainly quirky and weird, but there surely is something awesome about bikini-clad cowboy girls hacking zombies apart with a samurai sword. The unhinged-looking babe pictured above is the somewhat aptly-named Misery, often deadly Boss character in the games and occasional playable character. This mysterious cutie sports long white hair (a sure sign of being Eeh-vil in anime), demonic powers, a thirst for blood (Aya's and Saki's in particular), one of the nastiest-looking swords you'll ever see and, well, nicely enough, some conspicuously bare feet. Scary as her evil-filled eyes and prickly sword are, we can't help but have our eyes gravitate to her cute, little bare feet with their adorable black-painted toenails.
Hell, foot fans being the sort we are, we'll excuse Misery's occasional psychotic episodes and attempts to strike our heads from our shoulders (and elsewhere...) as long as she allows us the opportunity to calm her distress with a comforting, soothing foot massage. Perhaps giving her soles loving strokes and each toe gentle tugs and twists will lull her to a peaceful sleep and afterwards, a sunnier disposition. Or it may just cause her to just flay our skin from our bones. Hey, you never know till you try!

Players will get to play a bit with Misery, who's a playable character (and the only barefoot babe by default in the game) in the upcoming Onechanbara Special for the PSP. You can also encounter Misery in other Oneechanbara games on Xbox360 and Wii (though she's not always playable). For now, enjoy the scary but sexy art above!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leona Heidern: Barefoot Commando! (King of Fighters, Tekken 6)

This sexy soldier has never gone into battle barefoot... until now!

The King of Fighters series is home to many a hot game babe, though sadly nine times out of ten they're usually never seen barefoot... really, there's not one foot fan in the KOF dev't team! One of the hottest babes in this flagship SNK fighter is the lovely and lethal Leona Heidern, a fierce fighter known for her wild blue hair, lethal agility and killer skills. However, like many of the KOF babes, Leona has never been seen fighting without of her trademark combat boots... at least, not unti now! Given a special mission to eliminate several targets in hand-to-hand-and-foot combat, Leona enters into battle without her bulky, constricting footwear, ready to show off her hot and deadly toes and soles in action!

Of course, these vids aren't really from any existing KOF game, but from the ever-awesome Tekken 6. With the use of the game's Character Customization feature, I've recreated the blue-haired SNK battle-beauty with the also-lovely Asuka Kazama. Well, the hair is pretty much spot-on perfect, and Asuka's default P2 outfit, colored green, is a very close match to Leona's military uniforms. Of course, this would have been totally accurate if Asuka kept her boots on as well, but where would the pleasure be in that? So we have is pretty much Leona Heidern, barefoot for our pleasure- in fact, I would say our Leona is far and away better than she'd ever look in any real KOF game!

So enjoy the next few videos with our barefoot Leona in action and laying waste with her sexy feet!

Mission One: Crush the evil bald overlord beneath your heels!

Mission Two: Flatten this Man Mountain and make him kiss your soles!

Mission Three: Humble this Macho Bruiser and make him give you a pedicure!

Mission Four: Eliminate the Boss, Rugal Kazama, and make him grovel at your feet!

Final Mission: Kick that Big Chicken's Butt!

Of course, you win some, you lose some- in this case, Leona's gonna lose all consciousness. Time for a nap, soldier!

Leona's had a long day, so she's pretty much knocked out. So I need a brave volunteer who can give her lovely soles and toes the worship and pampering they deserve. You've got your mission, foot fan: Take Leona's sleeping feet in your hands and... well, do what you do best! Get to it, trooper!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Isabella (Kingdom Under Fire II)

Really, those high heels gotta go.

Fantasy RPGs are always a great place to look for beautiful barefoot babes. Elven hotties are usually very down-to-earth ladies who love to feel the living soil under their delicate feet (that scene with Galadriel in LOTR Fellowship of the Ring walking barefoot is a favorite of mine). Well, the Dark Elf beauty above apparently isn't of that care-free demeanor, at least not right now. Well, that's to be expected when she's headed into war. The babe above is apparently named Isabella, the alluring and powerful leader of the Drow in the upcoming fantasy slash 'em up sequel, Kingdom of Fire II. The artwork above is certainly amazing, and while she's not actually barefoot, those wonderfully peeky high heels she's wearing show so much of her feet I felt this was worth posting. Surely she would do a lot better in battle without those sandals on- for one thing, she'd move so much faster barefoot and her body would be continually revitalized and empowered by the constant contact of her soles to the mother earth. Oh, and every foot fan in the enemy army she encounters would doubtlessly surrender and change allegiances to her banner on sight of those perfect peds.

But I guess that wasn't to be- sadly, the KUF series is not known for barefoot babes, but for more conventional T & A and stilleto-heeled sexpots. Still, this is a gorgeous piece of art, and it doesn't take much imagination to make those unsightly straps vanish and picture Isabella's feet free and bare, and ready for worshipping. Anyway, enjoy the pic!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retro Barefoot Babe Game Spotlight: Outlaw Volleyball

Gamers who’ve been around a while should remember the day of the original Xbox. That huge, freakin’ heavy black box from Microsoft had a lot of misses, but also quite a few hot games foot fans would enjoy. One of these was the titillating sports-action title, Outlaw Volleyball. Locking head to head with the Other fan service-heavy beach volleyball title, Dead or Alive Beach Vollebyall, OV from developer Hypnotix set itself apart from the anime-esque DOAX with a more irreverent style of visuals, humor and gameplay. Though OV had quite a few blokes in the playable roster of miscreants (including a couple of FUGLY ones), the spotlight certainly was on the game’s bevy of exceedingly sexy AND skanky female spikers.

Introducing the sexy and skanky barefoot babes of Outlaw Vollebyall!

These dubious divas included lap-dancing porn star Summer, tomahawk-wielding Native American Shawnee, hard-drinking biker chick Harley, British mosh-pit mobster Lizzy, empanada-chomping Puerto Rican Chica Chavez, psycho Flower Child Harvest, Soviet spy Natasha and saucy wise girl Donna Moroni. Each one was of course an irreverent stereotype, but also in their ways quite fetching and certainly exceedingly hot. I have to say, after a fashion, I found the OV girls as pleasing in their own way as the anime-generic DOA girls, if not more so because you know the OV girls may be kinda skanky, but they’re obviously fun and quite down-to-earth.
Best of all, while OV didn’t have the hundreds of bikinis as DOAX did, each girl did come with an assortment of skimpy outfits to slap balls in, and as a pleasure for foot fans, not a single trace of footwear was to be found anywhere. The character models of the OV girls are well-done and detailed, with a Shrek-ish style to them that was surely ahead of its time. Check out the vids below for tons of sexy intros and action from this hot barefoot babe classic!

Bad-ass Biker Chick Harley and Mafiosi Wise Girl Donna... they're my favorites!

The Flower Child and The Indian Hottie add cuteness with an edge.

Mosh-Pit Maven Lizzy and Puerto Rican Chica take center stage. Liz is another fave of mine. Why? Black-painted toenails.

Natasha's ready to launch some warheads. She's got some HOT suits... and big guns.

Easily the most provocative, Porn Star Summer is clearly NSFW. Love her!

These girls don't always play nice... which is pretty hot.

Donna gets a taste of her own medicine from Chica.

OV even had a Fighting mode... it wasn't very good, but at least it was there.

With it’s irreverent humor, overt sexiness and collection of hot barefoot babes provocatively animated all over the place, Outlaw Volleyball is one classic Xbox title that’s sure to be a gem in any foot-loving gamer's library. So, which one of the OV hotties would you fancy giving a foot massage to? Dibs on Harley and Donna! Heheh…

Kratos' Barefoot Babes (God of War)

The God of War series is known more for it's titular hero, the bloodthirsty Spartan Warrior, Kratos, and his ability to turn any enemy stupid enough to stand in his way into bloody chunks. As stinkingly-sweaty-manly as this series is, it's not without hot babes. Most, if not all the babes in the game however are limited to the sexy harem dwellers who periodically appear in between battles who give Kratos loving and comfort in the infamous sex minigames. The CG cinematics however usually show that the babes in these harems are properly scantily-clad and best of all, barefoot.

Here's a particularly nice CG cutscene of Kratos with a bevy of sexy barefoot babes, with a nice (if somewhat painful) point of view look from a hapless cameraman. Yeah, he gets roughed up and thrown around, but at least he gets to see some sexy barefoot hotties lounging around. Nicely-rendered feet on these gorgeous ladies... perhaps we normal mortals may not have sexual powers like a god of war, but we certainly may give them pleasure with foot massages and worship on their silken soles and toes like no other! The clip below is actually from the recent Spike TV Videogame Awards 2010, a clip where Kratos 'accepts' (or non-accepts) his nomination for Character of the Year. Enjoy!

It's good to be the god of war, darn it.

Haruna POV Foot Stomp (Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka)

Here's an awesome treat for barefooted stomping fans... this is a clip from the new anime Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, a hilarious new ecchi action-comedy. The story is about the adventures of Ayumu, a hapless guy-turned-immortal-zombie and a somewhat amoral magical girl named Haruna. Don't ask... it sounds wild, and probably pretty awesome. Anyway, the scene has our hapless zombie hero for some reason leeching away Haruna's powers as she tries to cast a spell on him. Unfortunately for her, it not only leeches her powers but her clothes as well! What results of course is a rather painful (well, for Ayumu) POV view of Haruna's cute sole mashing again and again and again into the camera- certainly a treat for us foot fans! I'm sure all of here would LOVE to have Haruna do this to us... sans the bruises and bleeding, of course. Heh... enjoy the clip!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bikinis Banned in Tekken Tag 2?

It seems like Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant and the rest of the VF Girls won't be getting any competition in the fighting genre's Swimsuit Category anytime soon. Recently on Twitter, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada responded to a Tekken fan's question whether the girls would receive bikini costumes in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The answer, disappointingly, was a pretty solid 'NO'. Now, I wasn't really expecting Tekken to go this route, even if the recent infusion of fan service in Sega's Virtua Fighter may have signaled a new level of fan service for 'serious' fighting games. Apparently, Tekken is still 'sacred' to some degree.

This doesn't mean of course that the game will not have it's share of sex appeal- while bikinis per se may not be coming, there are usually sexy outfits available to the female characters that are just as hot, if not hotter, than straight swimwear. Of course, bikinis are awesome but in the end, the most important to us here of course is basic barefoot customization. With Character Customization already confirmed in the game, I'm hoping that this time around at least all the girls get the option to go shoeless, aside from those who already had it in Tekken 6.

That said, I guess this just makes it more imperative that we all keep praying and hoping for a console port of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown to get our barefoot bikini babe fix on our PS3's and Xbox360's. Another title that will hopefully yield lingerie-clad lasses is the new Soul Calibur, as long as the Character Creation feature remains intact. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything turns out for the best in the end, people. Later then!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year of Sole-Searching Begins!

Year Three here on Virtual Soles! Thanks to our readers and followers for staying on and sharing in the love. So, what do we have to look forward to in this year? I'll do my best to post more every month for starters. Aside from the usual babe-love articles from the best barefoot game vixens, I'm thinking to post footfan-friendly game reviews to give actual gamers here more of an idea of what the titles are that they may get interested in. Of course I'll be continually searching for more sexy soles in games, wherever I find 'em.

2011 has some promise. There's of course Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which should be an even more improved Tekken 6, with hopefully more babes to bare their feet for our pleasure. The arcade version will be out by Spring- hopefully the console versions won't be too far off. The new Soul Calibur is also in development, which hopefully we'll see a lot of during the year. Streetfighter X Tekken should be out in 2011 as well, though we have as yet to learn if there are any barefoot babes in the roster.
Then there's still always the hope that Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown comes out on some console- I'm constantly praying for this gem to finally come to our hands. Who knows... maybe this year will reward us.

Other titles may come from other genres. Maybe the new Tomb Raider game will allow us to have the younger Lara not just rebooted but de-booted. From adventures to hot shooters, RPGs and whatever, I'll do my best to check as many out to uncover our treasures of worship.

Anyway, 2010 was great, and from here can only get even better. I hope you all and more continue to join the search! There are soles to be found! Happy New Year!