Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miu Furinji (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi)

Beautiful, busty and brawling babe Miu Furinji.

Here's a nice anime-based fighting game to look for in the import menus. This is History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, the one-on-one beat 'em up based on the anime/manga of the same name. This came out for the PS2 a few years ago, and is a pretty good fighter. It sports 3D, cel-shaded characters who look pretty accurately like their anime counterparts. As with most martial arts anime, the fighters sport lots of over-the-top attacks to deal out some punishment. Well, why did I post about it here? Well, there's a barefoot babe in the game of course, none other than the series' kick-ass main heroine herself, sometimes megane-beauty Miu Furinji. In the anime and manga, the beautiful and busty Miu is the daughter of a martial arts family who takes the geeky protagonist Kenichi under their wing to train and become a great fighter. Miu herself is a kick-ass fighter, and her skills translate wonderfully into the game.

Thought she wears shoes for the most part in the game, in one particular stage- the Furinji Dojo- Miu is always shown barefoot. We have Japanese tradition and martial arts etiquette to thank for that! Unfortunately only Miu and Kenichi follow this rule... all the other fighters in the game, including a couple of other females, don't respect the dojo and refuse to bare their feet in the stage. Too bad- it would have been awesome to see Freya's bare feet... oh well.

Anyway, Miu herself is an awesome babe, and here in this ryona vid we show off several sexy special attacks trained on our lovely heroine, leading to some nice views of her angelic soles. After all the ruckus is over, we imagine that Miu may appreciate a nice foot massage on her perfect peds after all the exercise. Enjoy!

Miu can take it as well as dish it out.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Momoko (King of Fighters)

Perhaps the youngest and cutest Capoeira fighter yet in games, Momoko!

King of Fighters XIII is coming, and while I'm pretty disappointed that the returning Mai Shiranui is once again sporting her tabi instead of her sexy instep guards, I am keeping a little bit of hope that maybe we'll be seeing a barefoot babe in KOFXIII. But Sole, you may say, the King of Fighters series is infamous for being anti-barefoot! Well, not always- there as one instance where a shoeless siren appeared in a KOF title, and that was back in King of Fighters XI, and the barefoot babe was the cute, ever-dancing Momoko. A practitioner of the kick-heavy martial art of Capoeira, Momoko was just a little girl but she had enormous power and the ability to hurl a Dragonball-esque energy blast when she wasn't pummeling her opponents with a rain of barefooted kicks. Momo was more cute than deadly, but in the right hands she could be a fighter to be reckoned with. With several slots in the KOFXIII roster still blank and unknown, who knows- maybe we'll see this cute combatant return. It's a long shot, but what the heck. In any case, enjoy the vids and just end this post imagining Momoko waving her adorable toes and soles in your face.

This vid shows off Momoko's music-based combos. Pretty rhythmic girl, isn't she?

The next vid is a tribute MTV to this cute barefoot babe, showing off a lot of her cool animations.

Rima (Brutal Legend)

Heavy Metal Barefoot Babes!

Here's a bit of a quickie. The action-adventure/RTS hybrid and Jack Black starrer Brutal Legend didn't really register for me during it's release, but recently I discovered that there are barefoot babes in this Heavy Metal-inspired run-and-batle game. The shoeless hotties are the Zaulia, a tribe of sexy warrior maidens who sport spiky and skimpy bikini-armor, KISS makeup and... no shoes! They are led by the fierce Rima (pictured above) and ride into battle on the fearsome Metal Beasts. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get any good images of the Zaulia online, but I have seen in some videos on Brutal Legend that indeed, they are barefoot. Anyway, they appear pretty late in the game and I don't know if you ever get a good look at them or their surely-sexy feet (I doubt it). Still, if you come across this title and are looking for a humorous action fantasy game with a bit of spice for the foot fan in you, this may be a title of interest.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters XIII)

Mai shows off some toes, care of fellow footfan Kross!

Update: Posted 'bare-toed' Mai artwork contributed by fellow footfan, Kross!
Okay, SNK-Playmore recently announced a new KOF, named appropriately enough King of Fighters XIII. This latest 2D brawler is set to correct a lot of flaws in the previous game- one of them being the exclusion of one scantily-clad ninja babe. Yep, Mai Shiranui will be returning to action in KOFXIII, and the good news is she's as liberal with her clothing as ever. UNFORTUNATELY though, once again the King of Fighters designers have opted to have the kunoichi wear her all-covering tabi instead of her sexier, toe-and-heel exposing instep guards from Real Bout Fatal Fury. So sadly, Mai's sexy toes adn soles are lost to us once again. This is hardly unexpected though... KOF's artists have always been anti-barefoot, save for that one instance they added in Momoko the Capoeira Kid.

However, I still decided to post the scrumptious character art for Mai in KOFXIII- she IS fetching indeed in it, and the way the artist drew those restrictive tabi lets us see a li'l glimpse of Mai's pretty toes through the dark cloth. It's just that li'l teeny, thin layer of cloth keeping us from seeing Mai's pearly peds... damn it! Maybe someone with great Photoshop skills can do away with those coverings? Thanks to Kross for obliging this request!

Anyway, here's to SNK eventually releasing a new Fatal Fury with Mai either barefoot or near-barefoot for us loyal footfans. For now, enjoy the pic, and perhaps check out the barefoot Mai art I've posted before in last year's postings. Later!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SSFIV Intro and Juri Rival Battle Cutscene! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Apparently some sort of floodgate has been opened and now the internet is awash with lovely, lovely Super Streetfighter IV videos. Sadly not all of them feature our lovely barefoot babes, but then finding FOOTage is always cool and part of the fun. Anyway here are the two neat finds I've gotten recently. The first is what seems to be the full Intro Cinematic to SSFIV! This cool stylized animated opening cinema features a short but oh, so sweet segment with our uber-cute barefoot ninja, Ibuki, as we see her getting into a bit of a tangle with Guy. Imagine how nice this cinema will look on your HD TVs! Cute ninja feet flailing and kicking around so nicely... Mmm.

Ibuki's too cute for words in the SSFIV Intro!

The second treat is one of Juri's Rival Battle cutscenes. These in-game cinematics pop up in Arcade Mode, when your chosen fighter meets up with an opponent of significance. Here, Juri meets M. Bison, and despite the Dictator being the head of S.I.N's parent company Shadaloo, they're not meeting as friends. The cutscene has lovely views of Juri's powerful and pretty soles and toes, and I wish the anime intros (which are crappy still frames) and endings (animated, thankfully) were done in this way. For now, enjoy Juri's delicious villainy and sexy feet, and imagine all the goodness from this game come late April.

Juri aims to plaster M. Bison's face on her sexy soles...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MORE Barefoot Babes in HD action! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Once again, here are three SSFIV match vids, one for each of the kick-ass barefoot babes of the upcoming brawler. This time though, thankfully, the videos have some players with pretty good skills, and nicely have our shoeless muses showing just how awesome they are. As I've said before, Makoto the barefoot karateka is my absolute fave in this game, followed closely by the irresistibly cute barefoot ninja Ibuki. Sultry TKD siren Juri is an even closer third, but I'm sure a lot of you out there have her as your main hottie. Anyway, whatever our preferences, all of them are awesome and are sure excite and please us to no end next month. For now, enjoy these exciting videos!

Makoto gives Feilong a taste of her powerful karate feet.

Ibuki's skilled and nimble ninja feet are more than a match for the techno-enhanced Viper.

Two are better than one! Juri can really rub her soles into her opponents' faces.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Barefoot Babes in HD, Updated! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Here are some quick but cool match vids from the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV! I've got three vids up, one each for the lovely barefoot babes in the roster. Plus, the vids are in HD so you can thoroughly enjoy their powerful, pretty toes and soles in action. My favorite is of course Makoto's vid- man, her feet are BIG and beautiful. I can't wait to kick ass with her. Ibuki and Juri are awesome as well. Man, this game is gonna be a footfan classic. Enjoy!

Karate kid Makoto has the biggest and baddest soles in the game.

Makoto tastes the agony of de-feet with Deejay's crazy Ultra.

Nimble barefoot ninja Ibuki never fails to impress and enchant.

Ibuki tastes de-feet with Hakan's Oily Ultra.

Fancy having Juri's toes in your face? Don't we all?

Juri shows Chun-li who's the hotter and nastier babe.

A bit of bad news though- I've seen a full body image of Makoto's alternate costume- the Farmer's outfit- and sadly, she's wearing boots. It's a pretty baggy and utilitarian outfit, probably suited for her working and wading in wet rice paddies. As for Ibuki, I also saw her alt, and it's her school uniform. She's in a skirt with socks and sneakers. Well, at least their regular outfits are awesome already.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #1 Preview!

In case you guys have forgotten, Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #1 hits comic book store shelves tomorrow! Hailing from Udon Comics, this action-packed videogame-based mini-series stars the super-cute superninja Ibuki as she tries to survive a day at school... not easy when you've got a crazy Karate girl and relentless rival ninja after you! Not only does SFLI star the lovable barefoot kunoichi, it also has spunky SF3 karateka Makoto Rindo! It's safe to say that this comic ties-in with the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV game.

A Geki Ninja gets the drop on Ibuki...

Barefoot Ninja beats Tabi Ninja EVERYTIME!

Makoto's a wild card in this apparent Ninja War.

I've been waiting for this comic for months. Based on these preview pages, the comic is at least going to look great. Artist Omar Dogan's art is certainly clean, expressive and colorful. I hope there are lots of good foot shots with the babes' bare soles and toes are flying at our faces. This really looks like an entertaining read, regardless whether you're a footfan, SF-fan, manga/comic-fan or all of the above. In any case, it's sure to be something to occupy us as we wait for the actual Super Streetfighter IV game on our consoles. For now, enjoy the preview pages, and tomorrow- Get the Comic! I know I will. Heheh...

Kazuya Dangles the Girls (Tekken 6)

I've been raving about my fervent desire for Super Streetfighter IV so much recently, it's easy to overlook that footfans already have games with the best-looking barefoot babes you can find these days on a console, foremost among them being the awesome Tekken 6! Well, here's a new KO ryona video featuring all of the game's barefoot babes, presented to us by series' bad boy Kazuya Mishima. Kaz has a bad rep, what with his tendency to betray and backstab his own family members... but hey! Here he takes a break from his busy schedule to give us nice views of the Tekken babes' sexy, unconscious bare feet in his bad-ass 'dangling' win animation. What a nice guy! Enjoy the vid!

Kazuya's manliness knocks them out everytime.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Ibuki and Makoto! (Super Streetfighter IV)

With Super Streetfighter IV still several weeks away, we've all been starved of video starring our barefoot hotties from SF3. Well, thankfully that ends for now with these videos recently posted online! The first vid is from the recently-held CES2010 gaming event in Germany, and has a match vid featuring the Karateka and Kunoichi in combat. While it isn't the clearest vid around, at least we can see a lot of nice animations which give a good idea of how these martial arts cuties move in the game. Enjoy!

You can also find special Character Walkthrough videos from Gametrailer featuring Makoto and Ibuki here, or watch them on Youtube below. They give a good impression of how kick-ass the SF3 babes will be in the game, as well as give some nice views of some pretty videogame karateka and kunoichi feet! Man, I can't wait for SSFIV.