Thursday, March 11, 2010

Barefoot Babes in HD, Updated! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Here are some quick but cool match vids from the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV! I've got three vids up, one each for the lovely barefoot babes in the roster. Plus, the vids are in HD so you can thoroughly enjoy their powerful, pretty toes and soles in action. My favorite is of course Makoto's vid- man, her feet are BIG and beautiful. I can't wait to kick ass with her. Ibuki and Juri are awesome as well. Man, this game is gonna be a footfan classic. Enjoy!

Karate kid Makoto has the biggest and baddest soles in the game.

Makoto tastes the agony of de-feet with Deejay's crazy Ultra.

Nimble barefoot ninja Ibuki never fails to impress and enchant.

Ibuki tastes de-feet with Hakan's Oily Ultra.

Fancy having Juri's toes in your face? Don't we all?

Juri shows Chun-li who's the hotter and nastier babe.

A bit of bad news though- I've seen a full body image of Makoto's alternate costume- the Farmer's outfit- and sadly, she's wearing boots. It's a pretty baggy and utilitarian outfit, probably suited for her working and wading in wet rice paddies. As for Ibuki, I also saw her alt, and it's her school uniform. She's in a skirt with socks and sneakers. Well, at least their regular outfits are awesome already.


  1. Dang capcom! :( why didn't you give Makoto a skirt?! Yes, I would have wanted bare feet and a skirt, but a skirt none the less?! Now they will really think that my favorite street fighter GIRL is a boy! .... and whats with them arms?! Aiya...

    Yes I saw the pictures too... I have to say... its ruined my day...
    They get two outfits, right? I can only hope.

  2. Wow great clips. The game looks really great. ^_^ All three of these girls feet look really powerful. O_O