Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Momoko (King of Fighters)

Perhaps the youngest and cutest Capoeira fighter yet in games, Momoko!

King of Fighters XIII is coming, and while I'm pretty disappointed that the returning Mai Shiranui is once again sporting her tabi instead of her sexy instep guards, I am keeping a little bit of hope that maybe we'll be seeing a barefoot babe in KOFXIII. But Sole, you may say, the King of Fighters series is infamous for being anti-barefoot! Well, not always- there as one instance where a shoeless siren appeared in a KOF title, and that was back in King of Fighters XI, and the barefoot babe was the cute, ever-dancing Momoko. A practitioner of the kick-heavy martial art of Capoeira, Momoko was just a little girl but she had enormous power and the ability to hurl a Dragonball-esque energy blast when she wasn't pummeling her opponents with a rain of barefooted kicks. Momo was more cute than deadly, but in the right hands she could be a fighter to be reckoned with. With several slots in the KOFXIII roster still blank and unknown, who knows- maybe we'll see this cute combatant return. It's a long shot, but what the heck. In any case, enjoy the vids and just end this post imagining Momoko waving her adorable toes and soles in your face.

This vid shows off Momoko's music-based combos. Pretty rhythmic girl, isn't she?

The next vid is a tribute MTV to this cute barefoot babe, showing off a lot of her cool animations.


  1. yeah!! cool post solekeeper.

    glad to see momoko in.

    i use her alot in mugen.

  2. http://www.cosplay.com/costume/69838/

    The best Momoko cosplay ever!!!

  3. Wow she could definitely give Christie a run for her money in the hot Capoeira fighter department. It looks like she even paited her toenails. So hot!!

    Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  4. I am glad to see Momoko! She instantly became a favorite in the bare feet department for me. Thank you for posting about her!

    - M.

  5. Wow Momoko is awesome. I love how fluid her movements are. I can only imagine how she'd look with spruced up visuals. Here's hoping she shows up in the next KoF. :D

  6. Love the dancing and the cute hippie getup, but especially love that she's wearing ankle bracelets. Thanks for pointing her out!