Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #1 Preview!

In case you guys have forgotten, Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #1 hits comic book store shelves tomorrow! Hailing from Udon Comics, this action-packed videogame-based mini-series stars the super-cute superninja Ibuki as she tries to survive a day at school... not easy when you've got a crazy Karate girl and relentless rival ninja after you! Not only does SFLI star the lovable barefoot kunoichi, it also has spunky SF3 karateka Makoto Rindo! It's safe to say that this comic ties-in with the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV game.

A Geki Ninja gets the drop on Ibuki...

Barefoot Ninja beats Tabi Ninja EVERYTIME!

Makoto's a wild card in this apparent Ninja War.

I've been waiting for this comic for months. Based on these preview pages, the comic is at least going to look great. Artist Omar Dogan's art is certainly clean, expressive and colorful. I hope there are lots of good foot shots with the babes' bare soles and toes are flying at our faces. This really looks like an entertaining read, regardless whether you're a footfan, SF-fan, manga/comic-fan or all of the above. In any case, it's sure to be something to occupy us as we wait for the actual Super Streetfighter IV game on our consoles. For now, enjoy the preview pages, and tomorrow- Get the Comic! I know I will. Heheh...


  1. I am definitely getting this comic series when it comes out. Ibukis and Makoto are really great. Awesome post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Man this is just awesome. Nice post Sole Keeper! =D

  3. Lovely... I will be getting this quicker then you can say, "where did he go?" :D

    I likes.

    Makoto-chan! How I love thee. :)

    - M.

  4. would i find ths comic at borders?