Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kazuya Dangles the Girls (Tekken 6)

I've been raving about my fervent desire for Super Streetfighter IV so much recently, it's easy to overlook that footfans already have games with the best-looking barefoot babes you can find these days on a console, foremost among them being the awesome Tekken 6! Well, here's a new KO ryona video featuring all of the game's barefoot babes, presented to us by series' bad boy Kazuya Mishima. Kaz has a bad rep, what with his tendency to betray and backstab his own family members... but hey! Here he takes a break from his busy schedule to give us nice views of the Tekken babes' sexy, unconscious bare feet in his bad-ass 'dangling' win animation. What a nice guy! Enjoy the vid!

Kazuya's manliness knocks them out everytime.


  1. Wow...Knockout post. ^_^ Nice to see all these barefoot Tekken girls in one clip. :-D Tekken 6 really has great customization. ^_^

  2. I actually was going to post something like that eventually. :O
    Its cool that you did it tho, you have a better camera then me. My videos STILL come out as crap.
    Thanks for posting this. Delicious. :P

    - M.

  3. I actually capture my video from the TV with a PVR device. I tried taking cam vids with a Flip Mino HD, but the glare just ruins the vids everytime. Direct-feed FTW.

  4. Can you do a bryan face pound with lili