Friday, March 26, 2010

Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters XIII)

Mai shows off some toes, care of fellow footfan Kross!

Update: Posted 'bare-toed' Mai artwork contributed by fellow footfan, Kross!
Okay, SNK-Playmore recently announced a new KOF, named appropriately enough King of Fighters XIII. This latest 2D brawler is set to correct a lot of flaws in the previous game- one of them being the exclusion of one scantily-clad ninja babe. Yep, Mai Shiranui will be returning to action in KOFXIII, and the good news is she's as liberal with her clothing as ever. UNFORTUNATELY though, once again the King of Fighters designers have opted to have the kunoichi wear her all-covering tabi instead of her sexier, toe-and-heel exposing instep guards from Real Bout Fatal Fury. So sadly, Mai's sexy toes adn soles are lost to us once again. This is hardly unexpected though... KOF's artists have always been anti-barefoot, save for that one instance they added in Momoko the Capoeira Kid.

However, I still decided to post the scrumptious character art for Mai in KOFXIII- she IS fetching indeed in it, and the way the artist drew those restrictive tabi lets us see a li'l glimpse of Mai's pretty toes through the dark cloth. It's just that li'l teeny, thin layer of cloth keeping us from seeing Mai's pearly peds... damn it! Maybe someone with great Photoshop skills can do away with those coverings? Thanks to Kross for obliging this request!

Anyway, here's to SNK eventually releasing a new Fatal Fury with Mai either barefoot or near-barefoot for us loyal footfans. For now, enjoy the pic, and perhaps check out the barefoot Mai art I've posted before in last year's postings. Later!


  1. Nice that Mai is appearing in the new game. She looks really hot in that pictures. Here's hoping for more barefoot moments involving her in the future. ^_^

  2. Its awesome that they're bringing her back. Leaving her out of the last game, despite the train wreck that it was, was a travesty. Mai is totally long overdue for some foot exposure. Makes me wonder if maybe some day in the future SNK will decide to go the SFIV route.

  3. I already made one version, hope you like it:

    Realy like your blog.

  4. Thanks, Kross! AWESOME work. Sorry I wasn't able to see it sooner. Better late than never! ^__^

  5. don't worry, I'm glad you liked it!
    and thanks for post it again!