Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rima (Brutal Legend)

Heavy Metal Barefoot Babes!

Here's a bit of a quickie. The action-adventure/RTS hybrid and Jack Black starrer Brutal Legend didn't really register for me during it's release, but recently I discovered that there are barefoot babes in this Heavy Metal-inspired run-and-batle game. The shoeless hotties are the Zaulia, a tribe of sexy warrior maidens who sport spiky and skimpy bikini-armor, KISS makeup and... no shoes! They are led by the fierce Rima (pictured above) and ride into battle on the fearsome Metal Beasts. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get any good images of the Zaulia online, but I have seen in some videos on Brutal Legend that indeed, they are barefoot. Anyway, they appear pretty late in the game and I don't know if you ever get a good look at them or their surely-sexy feet (I doubt it). Still, if you come across this title and are looking for a humorous action fantasy game with a bit of spice for the foot fan in you, this may be a title of interest.

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  1. Sounds like a really interesting tribe of women to be around. ^_^