Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SSFIV Intro and Juri Rival Battle Cutscene! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Apparently some sort of floodgate has been opened and now the internet is awash with lovely, lovely Super Streetfighter IV videos. Sadly not all of them feature our lovely barefoot babes, but then finding FOOTage is always cool and part of the fun. Anyway here are the two neat finds I've gotten recently. The first is what seems to be the full Intro Cinematic to SSFIV! This cool stylized animated opening cinema features a short but oh, so sweet segment with our uber-cute barefoot ninja, Ibuki, as we see her getting into a bit of a tangle with Guy. Imagine how nice this cinema will look on your HD TVs! Cute ninja feet flailing and kicking around so nicely... Mmm.

Ibuki's too cute for words in the SSFIV Intro!

The second treat is one of Juri's Rival Battle cutscenes. These in-game cinematics pop up in Arcade Mode, when your chosen fighter meets up with an opponent of significance. Here, Juri meets M. Bison, and despite the Dictator being the head of S.I.N's parent company Shadaloo, they're not meeting as friends. The cutscene has lovely views of Juri's powerful and pretty soles and toes, and I wish the anime intros (which are crappy still frames) and endings (animated, thankfully) were done in this way. For now, enjoy Juri's delicious villainy and sexy feet, and imagine all the goodness from this game come late April.

Juri aims to plaster M. Bison's face on her sexy soles...


  1. Man that Juri sure is a seductive one. ^^

  2. Wow this game has a lot of really cool features. I loved the the intro and Juri's dialogue in the second clip. :-) Somewhat envious of Bison getting to face off against such an awesome barefoot hottie.