Friday, March 29, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 Sexy Snapshots!

The camera loves Miss Armstrong. And she knows it.

Gotta say, I am really growing into Dead or Alive 5's combo-heavy action, but a lot of the fun I'm having with this game is with the Photo feature. You can capture screenshots from your replays, which means you can set up some pretty nice action with the babes (and blokes, if you want). Thankfully taking a pic is easier than in the previous games, and you can pause the action so you can fix up the angle for the best, er, views. Heheh.

My one big gripe though is that actually accessing the pics is tedious as hell. The interface is horrible (or may I say, non-existent) and you have to go through a couple of loading times and a menu each time you want to see an individual pic. Simple deleting or viewing any single pic takes too long. All this, plus you can't really output or view your screenshots outside of the TV or transfer them anywhere as picture files (the PSV can, but I haven't tried that). The pics here I screencapped using my computer from 720p video- a bit more effort than you really should. Team Ninja, fix this up!

Sexy barefoot bikini battles caught on camera.

Yep, Christie can give as good as she gets.

That said, I can't say that these pics aren't worth taking. My phone and tablet are positively glowing with my new, sexy DOA5 wallpapers. Heheh. Anyways, I'll be back to posting more vids soon on the channel. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dead or Alive 5: Bikini-clad and Barefoot, FINALLY!


Before pretty much any other fighting game, it was really Dead or Alive that pushed fan service in my heart’s direction. It was DOA on the Saturn that first gave us a barefoot and bikini-clad Leifang (that’s why she’s a sentimental fave of mine), and later all four of the first batch of DOA girls went swimsuit-clad and shoeless in the now-classic (and still awesome) DOA on Playstation.
From there on, fans of the game have always expected hotness from the franchise, even if often disappointment would follow. Really, in the many, many DOA releases since DOA PSX (particularly among the gazillion re-releases of Dead or Alive 2),  Team Ninja saw fit to NOT give much in alternate outfits, and not one single barefoot costume was seen in the series until Dead or Alive 3 (Enter Hitomi, barefoot karate princess!).

Contrary to what I thought earlier, you CAN actually knock someone out in DOA5.

Afterwards though, once again disappointments followed. Yeah, DOAX and DOAX2 were fan service to the Xtreme (hah) but they weren’t fighters but silly side games that I just didn’t get into. When the actual sequel to the series- Dead or Alive 4- finally arrived, once again, no alternate outfits and even Hitomi somehow managed to NOT wear her karate gi in the game. That was the time where I just said, EFF YOU, Team Ninja and DOA. And I went off to find soleful joys in other games like Tekken, VF, Streetfighter and more.

The DOA girls' sexy moves are even more provocative when they bare their soles.

Still, I’ve always kept an eye on DOA. There was always a possibility of barefoot fan service returning, I thought… and well, after quite a long wait it has arrived in the form of a portable port and some exclusive (for now) DLC. But yes, The Dead or Alive Girls are finally ALL barefoot and hotter than ever before in Dead or Alive 5. It took a while, but here it is.

As I’ve been monitoring here for the past couple of months, Dead or Alive 5 Plus on the Playstation Vita received several cool bonuses. Including some exclusive outfits. These new costumes include the so-called ‘Getaway’ Set of Swimsuits- which I guess means ‘Get Away from Shoes’ since all the girls are barefoot in these new pieces of swimwear.

Girlfights are hot already- barefoot girlfights ten times hotter.

And I have to say, the girls look amazing, and their feet are markedly improved in detail and shape from previous DOA games. The swimsuits themselves are mostly sexy numbers, though I really just don’t dig the skirt/skort-style suits given to Leifang, Hitomi and Sarah.
Bottom-line though, the girls are finally barefoot and I am happy beyond words. Hoping that this bodes well for the future- hoping that more barefoot outfits are released, both for DOA5 and the inevitable sequel.
For now though- enjoy the first few barefoot bikini babe battle vids!

Sexy KOs actually do exist in DOA5... you just need to work a bit to get at them.

I won’t lie- the sexy and wicked Christie has always been my favorite and this is a dream come true… I’ve been waiting to see her fighting barefoot since DOA3, dammit! Well, I am certainly happy now- her swimsuit is hot as heck, and she just looks amazing (loving the painted toenails…) when she’s punishing her foes or getting pummeled herself. Check her out in a hot and sexy KO in the vid below (I am so glad that DOA5 indeed has an actual KO animation… kinda hard to see but still pretty excellent). Nice views… doesn’t that make you want to just kiss her sleepy soles? Mmmm.

Ninja sisters Kasumi and Ayane show off skin... soles included!

I have to say- I kinda prefer the mature ladies in DOA... Helena and Christie FTW!

I also kinda realized that DOATEC mistress Helena Douglas has also been another fave of mine- and that I’ve wanted to see her fight shoeless since DOA2. Suffice to say- she looks like an absolute angel in DOA5- the visual style makes her look like a real woman instead of the anime doll she was in her earlier appearances. And that swimsuit… there’s something about white swimsuits… Man, she’s a vision to see. Good thing she kicks butt as well! I’d kiss her soles and toes in worship anytime. Heheh.

Helena really looks stunning in this game. In her white swimsuit and bare feet- YOWZERS!

I’ll see about posting more vids- both battle vids (Solo and Tag) and ‘special’ ones in the weeks and months ahead. No need to hurry, this game is now on my channel for good and here to stay with the rest of my fave fighters. So check there for even more vids.

I am truly looking forward to enjoying the newly-barefoot DOA Girls for a long time to come. With this, DOA has finally returned to the fold and actually jumped feet-first into my Inner Circle of Best Barefoot Babe Fighting Games. HALLELLUIAH!
The barefoot ‘Getaway’ Swimsuit Set is as yet only available as an exclusive bonus DLC for the Japanese/Asian Collector’s Editions of Dead or Alive 5 PLUS for the PS Vita (they appear on my PS3 via Cross-DLC). I assume they will become available for other PS3 gamers (and to the Xbox360 players) eventually. I’ll update here or on another post about that.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dead or Alive Paradise Gallery! (PSP/PSV)

This is just a taste of the soleful content within!

 As a sort of preview for Dead or Alive 5 Plus, here's an awesome barefoot gallery of hot bikini-clad DOA Girls from the PSP Dead or Alive Paradise. Mind you, this isn't the new DOA Fighter, but the port of DOAX2 for the original Playstation Portable. That doesn't make the hotties of Tecmo's fighter any less hot or their feet any less adorable in this album of more than 400 pics(!). So check 'em out here and thank Gilgameshguy for sharing his sexy collection.

 But what about DOA5 Plus, you say? Well, good news and bad news. The good news is, I have a copy of the DOA5 Plus Collector's Edition, and it comes with a DLC voucher for the Paradise set of swimsuits. The bad news? Well, I haven't gotten my hands on an actual PSV yet! Don't worry, I will soon enough, and hopefully the barefoot swimsuits will be cross-playable on my PS3 so I can capture some proper HD vids of the girls in action wearing them. For now though, enjoy Gilgamesh's pics!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 Plus Tina, Hitomi and Ayane Gravure Movies (PS Vita)

Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the PS Vita is out, and there are quite a few vids online. Sadly not enough of the girls in their barefoot 'Paradise Swimsuits' as of yet. But still, Youtuber Ailes De Lumiere has posted several of the DOA girls' 'Extreme Private Gravure' movies. As far as I know, these videos are only available as bonuses in the Japanese Collector's Edition of the game. They're really not all that- they're basically just a half-minute look at the girls frolicking on the beach- nothing too hot or steamy and I question why these weren't included as a matter of course for the NA versions. Perhaps they'll be released as free goodies eventually for all.

Unfortunately while Ailes has posted many of the gravures, not all of them have the girls in their Paradise outfits. But perhaps that will come soon, so I'd bookmark the channel if you like the three vids above. Hopefully direct-feed HD versions will be posted as well. I'll update this post if more vids are posted.

I am actually considering getting a Vita for DOA5+ (liking the Touch Fight, actually), but only if I get the Paradise suits in with it. We'll see. For now... the vids. Darn, Ayane is so cute...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lee Won Hee (Xuandou Zhiwang)

Taekwondo hottie Lee Won Hee kicks high!

Here's a bit of a find- she's TKD beauty Lee Won Hee from the Chinese 2D MMO Fighting Game Xuandou Zhiwang. Hell if I know what the name means, but the game itself moves pretty well with some smooth animations and some cool character art. The fighter designs are pretty much derivative of more famous, existing beat 'em ups, but I don't think this game is trying to hide that. Anyway, Miss Lee here seems to have been inspired by another Taekwondo game lady, namely Juri Han from Streetfighter. Perhaps they're sisters? Lee does kinda seem like a good girl version of Juri. Have to say though- I prefer the bad girl. Heheh. Anyways, the character is beautiful and so is the game- and there can never be enough beautiful Taekwondo fighters in this world, I say. Check out the vid below for some nice footage of Miss Lee Won Hee kicking some Final Boss butt.

TKD Babes FTW!

If you're curious about the game, so far Xiandou Zhiwang is supposedly playable only in China, where it is a free-to-play MMO fighter with RPG elements. Sigh... yet another game with a hot barefoot babe I can't access. Well, at least we have Juri to keep our TKD tastes sated. Perhaps someday we can get our hands on Lee's feet- er, this game somehow. For now though, there are probably lots of vids of Xiandou Zhiwang with Lee kicking her hot feet into enemy faces for us to enjoy. Love Youtube!

Friday, March 15, 2013

DOA Girls' Barefoot Swimsuits (Dead or Alive 5 Plus)

Finally barefoot bikini babes again in a proper DOA game!

Here's a peek at the 'Paradise' set of swimsuits that will debut in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the Playstation Vita. As far as I can tell, these suits will have the girls barefoot, although as of right now I have only actually confirmed this for Kasumi, Hitomi, Ayane and Christie. The way Team Ninja does things though, chances are all of these suits will come sans footwear... which makes them treats for us! Hey, this IS a big event... the last time the DOA babes were barefoot in swimsuits in a real DOA fighter was waaaaay back in Dead or Alive on the PSOne (still my fave, which I keep and play on my Android smartphone... heheh).

No word yet though on when or if these suits will be available as DLC for the PS3 (which I am hoping for). I am not that hot with buying a Vita just for DOA5 Plus (can't share vids of that after all). So we'll just wait and see for now and bide our time till these awesome barefoot bikinis are more available. This is a great sign though, and hopefully more barefoot costumes will appear in DOA in the near future.

For now, gawk at these pics and choose which babe whose soles you'd best love to press your face against. Heheh. The game is out on PSV starting March 19.

Some barefoot Kasumi action in this gameplay demo of DOA5 in Japan.

UPDATE: Just embedded a YT video from some Japanese show with Team Ninja showing off DOA5 Plus to some celebrities. There's a match with Kasumi in her sexy, sexy barefoot thong bikini, although sadly the vid is kinda low-res. Even sadder, it's pretty apparent from the vid that the Japanese are pretty much all about boobs. Still, it's something to see as this game heads to release.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Jenny Realight (Fairy Tail)

The sexy Jenny Realight from Blue Pegasus. HOT!

Fairy Tail is one of my favorite manga and anime these days- with one of the reasons why being an abundance of barefoot footage from its cast of hot lady wizards. I've posted about the show's main hotties, Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia before, but this time the spotlight is on a sub-character of the show- a sexy enchantress who isn't even part of the Fairy Tail guild. She's Jenny Realight of Blue Pegasus. She's not evil but more of a friendly rival, in particular to FT's lovely Mirajane... of course their confrontation showed off quite a bit of skin.

But for this post in particular I got intrigued in the lovely Jenny due to the latest episode of Fairy Tail's anime- episode 171, which features an underwater battle and bikini babes aplenty. While there are many lovely anime ladies showing off their swimsuit bodies, the hottest is definitely Jenny, who also shows off an AWESOME kick and sole shot in the course of the contest. Check it out!

One of the best sole shots I've seen in anime, and I've seen a lot. 

Now THAT is one yummy view... you almost wish you'd rather be in the poor bloke's place if you could just get close to such a beauty's perfect soles. Well, maybe not if your face gets pulverized in the process. I do find Jenny's foot perfectly drawn, even with the speedlines. This one's a keeper (I've already put it on my wallpaper collection. Heheh.

Aside from Jenny, there are quite a few other babes in bikinis and barefoot in the episode, includine main heroine Lucy, watery nymph Juvia and even villainess Minerva (who is sadly wearing a pretty horrid swimsuit). So this episode is a must for bikini and barefoot babe fans.

Ryona fans will dig this shot, though Lucy fans will hate it. Nice view though...

Sadly, it appears that the Fairy Tail anime will be ending this month- not sure if it has been or will be renewed for another season; the manga is still going and is supposedly quite popular. I hope that someday, somehow we'll see more of Fairy Tail (and more magical sole shots from its babes) in the future. For now though, there are 170+ episodes to enjoy of this cool series. Check it out!