Thursday, February 24, 2011

Real-life MMA Babes Virtualized! (Supremacy MMA)

The lovely Felice Herrig shows she can hang with the big boys.

Some of the best games to find hot, barefoot babes in are fighting games- in fact, Tekken 6 and SoulCalibur IV are my two all-time faves and must-have titles. Too bad there aren't more of them, and it takes a long time for sequels to be made. Also barefoot fighting game babes aren't that many- even if many martial arts are practiced barefoot, attire of fighting game babes doesn't always take that into account and clothing (and footwear) is dictated by character design. The result, more flash and style than going barefoot... sigh (thanks be the Character Customization). On the other hand, there are the sports-action martial arts fighters- particularly the MMA games- that are often produced quickly every year it seems. These MMA games are based on real-life fighting circuits, and for the most part follow the realistic attire of cage fighting- basically minimal, and usually fighters go barefoot. The trouble is, most MMA games only have male fighters, which basically spoils them for us. I mean, what's the point of seeing realistically-rendered feet if they're GUY FEET- foot fan kryptonite!

But at long last, here's Supremacy MMA, a real-world cage fighting title that bucks that men-only rule and adds in some scrappy, tough-looking but still lovely ladies into the mix. Two trailers revealing real-life MMA beauties Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez have been released, letting gamers know this is a game with a bit of a difference. The footage of the actual game in the trailers seems a bit rough and the frame rate is choppy, and the character models seem determined to make the girls look leathery-tough. Still, the final game should look and move better, and you have to appreciate that the in-game feet should look pretty realistic. Oh, and I just have to love how Felice Herrig's outfit is even skimpier than most actual mainstream fighting game babe's outfits are... gotta love that skirt thing. Heh...

With hot, real-life martial arts babes getting in on the action in this MMA sports title, I am indeed going to check out Supremacy MMA when it comes out. It's certainly not my usual kind of fighting game with the ultra-realistic style of action (blood and damage on my babes isn't a plus!!!) but this is something that any foot fan should at least check out. The game is out in June for Xbox360 and Playstation 3. For now, check out the trailers for some kick-ass martial arts hotties!

How will these babes compare to 'real' fighting game babes?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Streetfighter High End Credit Fight Scenes

Remember Streetfighter High? It was the pretty cool fan-made series of comedic online shorts based on the Capcom fighting game. It featured pretty faithful costumes and inspired casting- which of course featured some pretty attractive babes, several of whom were game enough to bare their soles just like their in-game counterparts. The film's end credits featured some nicely-choreographed fight scenes featuring a couple of the film's hot barefoot femme fatales- Monique Kim as Makoto and Jennifer Zang as Juri. I think you'll agree both of these lovely performers not only look great in costume, they perform their fight scenes excellently. The only problem was, the fight scenes were scrunched up in a tiny portion of the screen in the film, and hasn't been available in full screen... till now!

Live-action barefoot videogame babes fight it out!

Thankfully the full-screen fight scenes were uploaded by wmagno, who directed the action sequences. Too bad they're not in HD, but they're clear enough to enjoy the action and the lovely ladies' hot feet. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miss Midnight: Getting My Feet Wet in Gotham (DC Universe Online, PS3)

Crushing Brainiac can wait… for now, Gotham is in Miss Midnight’s sights.

The adventures of my own original barefoot femme fatale supervillainess continues! When we last left the lovely and lethal Miss Midnight, she had just escaped from Brainiac’s starship and found a nice lace to cool her heels in the criminal underworld safe house known as The Tap Room. But of course, hanging around doing nothing save make some foot-loving thugs’ mouths water as she teases them with her perfect feet is pretty boring for Mistress M., so in a flash she was padding off on a mission of mayhem for The Joker in Gotham City.

Watch Miss Midnight grind Gotham's Finest under her heel (lucky bastards).

So what does this goth enchantress and gun-kata genius do to get started in the big, wide world of the DCU? Well, destroying public property, beating up pesky law enforcers, freeing captured mobsters and then bribing rookie cops, that’s what! It doesn’t take long for Midnight to rack up a pretty high body count, as well as acquire for the Falcone Mob their own private unit inside the Gotham Police Force (who also moonlight as her own personal footstools).

Heck, don’t take my word for it- watch our leather-clad assassin babe run, leap, shoot and kick her way through her second outing in DCU Online yourself. Enjoy!

Gotham City is now the new stomping grounds for The Barefoot Assassin.

Hah! Gotham City’s a cakewalk (Mmm... icing all over Miss Midnight's toes..) so far, but Miss Midnight is getting a bit big for her non-existent boots. It’s only a matter of time before some heroes show up to make things a bit hot. What’s gonna happen next in the Midnight Trail?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tekken 6 Barefoot Babe Gallery

A fellow footfan on the Youtube Channel shared these nice, sexy pics of several of the Tekken 6 babes, so check 'em out. It's truly a wonderful thing to have such lovely and kick-ass ladies ready to bare their soles for you. Heheh...

Asuka's always a crowd-pleaser.

Lili's dressed to kill in these pics.

Perfect, petite robot babe feet. Mmm...

While Asuka and Lili are my mains and usually my faves, I think Alisa out-cutes them all here. She just looks so innocent and lovely when she's barefoot... and then she chops you into meatballs with her chainsaws. Ouch! Anyway, thanks to OlgerthHeidern666 for the pics!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sexy CG Giantess' Feet

Just a quick update here. We all know beautiful barefoot giantesses are awesome- GTS are part of the foot fan circle of preference. Sadly, there aren't that many out there to enjoy, but when they pop up, WOW! Here's one such gem I found on Youtube some time ago, and I just had to share it. It's sadly far too short, but oh, so kissably sweet. The detail on the giant babe's sexy bod and her amazingly hot feet and soles as they come ever so closer and closer... just perfect. Man, I could watch this vid over and over and over and over. Check it out... and enjoy!

Imagine what you would do to such gigantic, gorgeous feet...

Too bad the creator, X-Virus, doesn't have much more of these hot barefoot GTS vids, but here's one more vid- an early test for the finished vid above. Check it out as well.

Don't you just love technology?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unleashing Miss Midnight: Barefoot Super Villainess! (DC Universe Online)

Meet Anita Carver AKA Miss Midnight, my barefoot super-vixen in DCU Online!

I'm having quite a lot of fun with in DC Universe Online, the superhero-themed MMORPG. I've already introduced you all to my first avatar in this interactive comic book world, the lovely and fiery Hot Chick. Well, goaded by a viewer's suggestion, I went on and created my second character for DCUO. This new barefoot babe however is about as different from my Flaming Super-Spiker as Night is from Day. Whereas Hot Chick is lively, vivacious, a fighter for justice and almost as scantily-clad as a bikini model, my new goddess is a creature of the night. A darkly enchanting Goth beauty, at home in the shadows, cloaked in smooth, black leather. Her heart is cold and deathly still, yet her eyes gleam with malevolent fury. She's a psychic superninja, a deadly mistress of gun-kata and a peerless hunter in the darkness. Her name is Miss Midnight!

Creating a hot, barefoot Goth superninja and gun-kata warrior was never this easy!

A former special operative attached to Checkmate, a world-spanning secret organization, Anita Carver was at the top of her game, rivaling the skills of even the renowned Sasha Bordeaux. Indeed, it took literally an entire army to finally bring her down... almost. On the verge of death from blood loss, Anita was suddenly yanked back to the world of the living by the powers showered down throughout the Earth by the Future Lex Luthor. When she awoke, her senses were razor-keen, in fact, she could sense the heartbeat of individual creatures from the ground, through the soles of her feet. Her skin was pale as moonlight, her body now a semi-living weapon of total mayhem. Rising from Brainiac's prison, Anita- now calling herself Miss Midnight- decided to be a merciless weapon dealing out death to all she deems unfit to live! Heroes and villains alike, beware!

Lovely, lovely views are guaranteed when playing with a hot, barefoot supervillainess.

I have to admit, I am having a LOT of fun with Miss Midnight. For starters, she's amazingly hot. There's just something incredibly cool and sexy about the long black leather trenchcoat... perhaps it's the way it teasingly waves about, letting Midnight's pale, smooth calves and ankles peek through as she walks- no, glides- about. And man, does she have a sexy walk. Like a dark, more bad-ass version of Lara Croft (it must be the dual pistols). While Miss Midnight can't fly, she has superhuman agility and acrobatic powers, allowing her to cover ground on foot with the speed of a race car, her smooth, bare soles carrying her over any terrain, and even up vertical surfaces. How powerful must those perfect legs be, to allow her to leap distances like some human missile.

Brainiac's mechanical minions are no match for the lethal mistress of gun-kata!

The next video has Midnight hanging out in the villain safe house known as 'The Tap Room', where she can rest, lay low, equip with the deadliest new weapons, get contracts and jobs, or just put her feet up and have some lackey give them a well-deserved massage (villainy has got its perks!). It doesn't have much action, but damn if it isn't just awesome enough to just watch this stunning femme fatale walk sexily around on her silent bare feet!

This is only the beginning... Miss Midnight is thirsting for BLOOD.

I'm having tons of fun both playing and watching my new vixen kick ass and look amazing doing it. Rest assured, there will be more of her adventures to come. TO BE CONTINUED!

Off to find some poor devils to crush beneath her feet...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Adventures of Hot Chick: Barefoot Superheroine! (DC Universe Online)

She's fiery, powerful, fearless and shoeless! She's Hot Chick!

Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-playing games (MMORPGs) aren't usually a region of videogaming that I get into since I am very leery of pay-to-play subscriptions and often monotonous gameplay. But these games are also known for having cool customization options, including, of course, the option to have your sexy female avatars in skimpy outfits and bare feet (such as the recently posted Mabinogi Heroes). Well, here's one MMO that I have been able to get into, since (1) it was available on PS3 and (2) the price to play isn't that bad and I get 30 days of playtime free with my copy. The game is DC Universe Online, the online RPG that lets you create your own meta-human marvels and fight alongside/against the greatest heroes and villains of DC comics.

Hot Chick takes shape in DCU Online's awesome Character Creation feature.

As cool as having Batman call me up for help or have Wonder Woman give me the thumbs up, my main joy in DCU Online is, of course, to create my own, original barefoot superbabe to fly about and show off her skills AND her sexy soles. So without further ado, here's my first super creation in DCUO: The sizzlin' spitfire, Hot Chick!

24-year old Denise Strauss AKA Hot Chick was an on-the-rise swimsuit model and beach volleyball star athlete prior to her being showered with strange powers spread by the future Lex Luthor throughout the planet. One moment she was spiking a ball, the next she was wreathed in flame and passing out (from one hell of a sunstroke!). She wakes up later in Brainiac's ship, alone and disoriented.

The game always begins with your hero trapped in Brainiac's maze-like starship.

Brainiac's starship is a huge maze teeming with robot guards, but since it's the starter dungeon getting past the opposition shouldn't be any problem unless you really, really, really suck. Nicely enough you always have control over the camera, letting you get great views of your heroine's sexy soles (though close-ups are a bit hard). Whether she's flying, running about or kicking enemy butt, at least you'll always have something nice to look at. The character models' feet aren't that detailed, but they're nice enough and are very smoothly animated.

Sexy sole shots and hot views are easy to get with the controllable camera.

Anyway, soon after awakening in Brainiac's prison, the take-no-prisoners athlete in Denise came to the fore, and she quickly broke out of her prison, took stock of her situation, and soon was determined to make the best of her new powers and new life as Hot Chick, the fiery, sexy superheroine! Oh, and she gets a bit of a crush on Superman when she meets him (with those biceps, he must give great foot massages!). Hot Chick later found out that, along with her ability to control and project heat and flame, she could fly and was greatly resistant to any physical injury- which meant she didn't need to wear crappy boots or high heels... she can now go barefoot and be as free as she wished she could be- an eternal day at the beach!

Hot Chick's first adventure: Escape from Brainiac's Ship!

After breaking free from the alien prison, Hot Chick finds herself in a temporary safe haven... but her fate is uncertain. She's now just a lone wolf in a dangerous new world, teeming with other metahumans, both good and evil. Will she survive to become a truly awesome heroine? Will there be willing followers who'll give her soothing foot massages for her tired feet after a day's crimefighting? Well, at least one question has a ready answer- this sexy sun goddess will always have us foot fans to give her and her feet the worship they deserve. More adventures of this fiery babe to come. TO BE CONTINUED!

What lies in store for Hot Chick? Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally Got to Watch Tangled!

Adorably cute and beautiful, effortlessly hot, courageous, has perfect feet... Best. Disney Princess. Ever!

After many months of waiting, pining and more waiting, I finally got to see the movie Tangled. I saw it in a theater, in 3D, and certainly this is the best way to see it for the first time. I have to say, my being a foot fan aside, the movie is truly an adorable watch- This is easily one of the most beautiful animated films I've yet seen. The storytelling is modern, but make no mistake- this is not a pop-culture mash-up like the Shrek films- this is a classic Disney Fairy Tale, through and through. Rapunzel is a wonderful, gorgeous heroine that you can easily fall for the moment you see her, and you only love her a lot more as you watch her in her adventures. In terms of physical performance, personality, humor and drama, she's certainly the best Disney heroine in my book.
Okay, now to business. Yes, indeed, the lovely Rapunzel stays barefoot for pretty much the entire movie- you literally won't see her wearing shoes, apart from a pair of brushes strapped to her feet for cleaning the floor of the tower (worn for about a couple of seconds). From the moment you first see 18-year old Rapunzel, she's THE footfan's ultimate animated goddess.

While the movie's featurettes highlight the animation of her hair, really it's Rapunzel's FEET that have to be given due interest. Given how realistic and lifelike they are, you wonder how they developed animating them. They are surely the most lifelike, realistic and detailed bare feet EVER in an animated film. And thankfully, the movie does not try to hide Rapunzel's feet at all- you see them pretty much every time she's onscreen, and are without a doubt integral to her character- not since Disney's Tarzan have feet been so expressive and important to a character's personality.

I guess we have the movie's villain, Mother Gothel, to thank since apparently it's all part of her ploys to keep Rapunzel imprisoned that she never gave her any shoes- however, thankfully that didn't stop our barefoot heroine from stepping out of the tower to adventure.

Mother Gothel can apparently be thanked for Rapunzel's lack of footwear.

There are several highlight points throughout the film that are memorable for me. These include:The moment where Rapunzel first leaves the tower- the moment where she tip toes onto the grass and spreads her toes is magical, as well as the part where she rolls on the grass and steps into a stream. Towards the middle of the film, after a major action setpiece, Rapunzel confesses part of her past, leading to a gorgeous extreme closeup of her feet (with some nice toe movement) which will surely have footfans getting envious of a certain chameleon.

Wouldn't you love to be that grass right now?

The best, closest view in the movie and one darn lucky chameleon...

Tangled is truly a must-see, awesome film. Not just for footfans, but for movie fans in general. However, we will surely value this film's aesthetics more than most. I can't wait for the Blu-ray release... surely one film that's a MUST for the collection.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fiona, Barefoot Adventurer! (Mabinogi Heroes/Vindictus)

Beautiful, bikini-clad, barefoot... and ready to fight!

Fantasy worlds are full of danger and death at every turn... but that's no problem for hot barefoot babes in bikinis, apparently! This is such the case with the lovely Fiona, one of the many gorgeous female adventurers in the Korean fantasy MMO Mabinogi Heroes. Like many MMORPGs, this game allows players to customize and outfit their characters to their heart's desire... even if that desire calls for as little clothing and no footwear at all. Right up our alley! Mabinogi Heros is cool thanks to the anime-esque art style and detailed character models (which makes World of Warcraft look positively kiddie), as well as sexy females to dress up and dungeon-crawl with. Sadly, this game is only on PC, which excludes me from playing it. However, I was able to find several videos from a player whose fashion sense is made to please us. So enjoy the four vids below chock full of hot barefoot bikini babe action!

Who needs armor? Bikinis do fine!

Who needs a Sword+5 when you have Perfect 10 feet?

There are more barefoot bikini babes here than in a Baywatch episode!

Nice detailed character models with lovely, fleshy soles are sure to please!

For such a ferocious warrior, Fiona has a radiantly sunny smile.

This game was pointed to me by avid reader and fellow footfan richfeet. Thanks! This is really a gem of a barefoot babe game. At least if you can't play it, we can enjoy watching it at least in the vids above (they're in HD as well!). Barefoot and Bikini Customization FTW! Heheh...