Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Juri Barefoot Bikini Mod for Streetfighter X Tekken

Bison's probably not a foot fan, is he?

Right on the sexy, kissable heels of Barefoot 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy is another sizzlin' barefoot mod from Sloth86 for the Cross-over Beat 'Em Up, Streetfighter X Tekken. This time, it's a port of Taekwondo Vixen Juri Han's spiderweb-themed Bikini mod (originally made for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC). It's about time Cammy got some competition/companionship in SFxTK, and Juri's certainly right up there next to the Killer Bee in hotness.

Juri's especially bitchy, malevolent and demented in this game, which I think is a bit over the top but still ends up making her pretty sexy nevertheless. What can I say... bad girls are hot.

There's a bit of a story to this mod though- when Sloth converted the original mod for use in SFxTK, he sadly added sunglasses and sandals to Juri. When I asked for a barefoot version, he revealed that I could toggle the unwanted articles myself using an app called SF4 Explorer (downloadable for free online). It was indeed quite easy to do, so that just makes it all the more satisfying that I kinda-sorta made this mod barefoot myself!

King and Marduk are stomped beneath Juri's soles in this vid... lucky.

The cool thing about barefoot mods in this game- as it is with other titles- they just change the whole way you see everything. What can I say about SFxTK- it's given to so many amazing sole shots and foot views that pop at you- among other things. Heck, the camera in this game is pretty intrusive and just knows what you want to see... heheh. Gotta love the Japanese game devs.

Anyway, Juri's bare feet are flying all over the place in the following videos, running her (and erstwhile partner-in-crime M. Bison) through the game's Arcade/Story Mode all the way to the final battle with Tekken's Ogre. Enjoy the barefoot brawling and sexy gyrations of our beloved demented assassin babe. There's sure to be more soon on the channel.

Juri's got enough villainy to match both Kaz and Nina all by herself...

Rival Battle time! Bare Feet beat Bear Feet everytime.

Juri's so hot, not even the Antartic cold can faze her.

I really wish Ogre was female, given that he comes with such an awesome sole shot in his intro...

Here's to more barefoot mods to come for Streetfighter X Tekken. So far it's all been Streetfighter babes, since so far they're conversions from SSFIVAE. But who knows... maybe we'll see the Tekken ladies bare their soles for us soon. Cross your fingers and toes for that! For now, enjoy the vids!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Angel in Action! (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Beautiful, barefoot and butt-kicking!

 So soon after CG art of the lovely and lethal Angel appeared online, now here's VIDEO of this angelic avenger in action. So far it seems that she'll be fighting in a style similar to Devil Jin, but apparently with some moves or combos/animations unique to her. She still has the eye beams and the flying grabs. Looks like I found my new favorite in TTT2. Looks like Angel will be (along with Kunimitsu, Ogre and Michelle Chang) Free DLC content to come with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on console (PS3 and Xbox360). This really makes me excited for the game... September is so far away, darn it. Well, I'll be playing VF5 Final Showdown till then. Heheh. For now, enjoy the vid and dream of Angelic Soles and Toes...

UPDATE: Added new E3 2012 Gameplay video!

    More Angel gameplay from E3 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Angel (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Console)

The mysterious and beautiful Angel is back and better (barefoot) than ever before!

Here's a pretty awesome development for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, whose console port (PS3, Xbox360) is slated for September. Producer Katsuhiro Harada has been saying that the home version will include many more characters not seen in the arcade version (pushing the number of selectables to well over 50). Well, it seems that several of these Extra Fighters have been teasingly revealed today, and one of them, thankfully, is a barefoot babe!
 That babe is none other than Angel, the mysterious, well, angelic being that first made her appearance waaaaay back in Tekken 2, a 'good' version to Devil who seems to be continually vying for Kazuya Mishima's soul. Well, the last time we saw Angel was in the first Tekken Tag Tournament. Well, both of her previous appearances didn't really get me excited since she was basically just a Kaz clone, and she wore sandals as well. Well, for some reason- perhaps the Tekken Team Character Designer FINALLY was inspired by awesomeness- Angel's back and she has thankfully left her old sandals behind. And what can I say about her lovely, bare feet in the artwork above other than they look... heavenly? Mmmm... her toes look so cute!

Well, all I can say is WOW! At least we now have another fully-barefoot babe (by default) in TTT2. Of course, even though I am generally disappointed in TTT2 (Arcade) due to the lack of any barefoot customization for any of the females (aside from hakama-and-instep guard customs for Jun and Asuka), it's not like the game's totally barren. Yes, there's Christie Monteiro, but sadly I just don't find her that appealing in her default outfit (all her other costumes don't have her barefoot). Then there's barefoot and naked-except-for-black-goo Unknown, whom I assume will be playable in the home version. But while Unknown is sexy, I do prefer my babe's feet to be clean and kissable... which Angel's surely are!

All I can hope for is that the game eventually adds barefoot customizations on console, but even so, I guess with Unknown and now Angel I think TTT2 is something to look forward to. Till September, I'll be dreaming of Angel's heavenly toes and soles then...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Streetfighter X Tekken: Barefoot Cammy Mod!

Once again, Cammy bares her perfect feet for footfans' everywhere.

 I remember those Halcyon Days when I was an exclusive console gamer (and foot fan). I was blissfully of the mind that PC games didn't have barefoot babe game of any worth outside of anime porn, and satisfied with what I could get on PSX, PS2 and beyond. As years passed, PC games began to include MMO's with barefoot customization (way ahead of consoles, I know), but they just didn't give the views I wanted, so I ignored them. In my experiences, fighting games often yielded the best barefoot babes in gaming, and these one-on-one beat 'em ups were almost exclusive to consoles.
Of course that all ended some time ago, when Capcom released their recent fighters on PC. I passed on SFIV, but as we all know, Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for the PC, thanks to some amazing custom skins from awesome mod god Sloth86 turned the game from 'meh' to 'Magnificent', finally giving many foot fans fulfillment of longtime dreams- seeing hot Streetfighter babes de-booted and barefoot in-game for the first time ever.

Cammy takes out Poison and Hugo with her hot feet. Fancy a barefoot Poison? It might be possible someday!

The first babe to deboot was, of course, the stunningly sexy 'Killer Bee', Cammy, finally shedding her ever-present heavy boots and showing her perfect, formidable bare feet thanks to Sloth's Escape from Shadaloo mod; a skin inspired by a short-but-sweet segment in the UDON Streetfighter comics that had a captive Cammy running around for a while bereft of her footwear. The mod has since been revised and perfected for SSFIVAE, but even better, has just recently been converted for use in the just-released PC version of Streetfighter X Tekken!

Prior to this, SFxTK only had three babes considered 'barefoot'- or, semi-barefoot as all three wear leggings that partly cover their feet. The Cammy mod now finally adds a fully-barefoot babe in the roster, and well, even if she's only one, barefoot Cammy is sexy enough to satisfy any foot fan, I wager!

Ibuki's ninja peds are cute, but Cammy's fully-bare feet are faster, stronger and sexier.

Cammy wipes the floor with Jin and stomps her foot into his face... lucky bastard.

Who'll be the next babe to deboot? Chun-Li? Asuka? Lili?

Not even Tekken's Otherworldy Bioweapon is a match for Cammy's hot feet!

I had given up on SFxTK before, but with the addition of the mod and having Cammy barefoot and kicking her soles and toes all over the place, it's like the game has been supercharged! There are TONS of great views of Cammy all over the place, with the camera zooming in and out for various attacks, in-game cutscenes and such. I dare say, the views are probably even better than that in SSFIVAE! Needless to say, SFxTK has jumped up from being a negligible gimmick beat 'em up to a Now Favorite Barefoot Fighter.
Glorious views of Cammy's soles like this abound in Streetfighter X Tekken.

 So check out the vids I've already posted showing off Cammy in barefoot brawling action that's even wilder than before. She's totally hot and will surely have foot-lovers drooling and wanting to worship her perfect peds after every fierce battle. I'll be sure to post a lot more Streetfighter X Tekken Cammy from here on in.

TWO Barefoot Cammy's AND Juri AND Ibuki??? Barefoot Babe OVERLOAD!!!

With views like this, us foot-fans win every time. Cammy's tired soles are surely just aching for a massage...

Best of all, this is surely only the beginning! If our mod gods continue, perhaps we can see the other babes in SFxTK bare their feet for our pleasure soon. Man, I have to say it again... I am soooooo glad I invested in a PC Laptop. It's a Great, Great Time to be a Foot-Loving Gamer!

Monday, May 14, 2012

VF5 Final Showdown: Barefoot Brawling Heaven in JUNE!

The latest trailer for VF5 Final Showdown shows off gameplay, game modes, extensive customizations and even a couple of barefoot babes.

While I've always said and will continue to say that Tekken 6 is my all-time favorite barefoot babe brawler (thanks to my faves Lili and Asuka in it), there's one game that rivals T6 in so many aspects, and even surpasses it in a couple of ways.Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the latest and greatest installment of Sega's classic, Top-Tier fighting game series, one-ups Namco's fighter by having a couple of points in its favor- ONE, Barefoot Customization for ALL the characters (including all the babes, of course), which was first added in VF5R, and TWO, Sexy Swimsuits/Bikinis for the babes, added exclusively in VF5FS. Tekken 6 though still has better-looking feet and soles (and character models in general, IMO), the best KO animation (the Mid-Hit KO... yum) and more babes; VF still has only 5 babes in the roster, amazingly enough.

Well, till Tekken comes back to the good and straight path of babe hotness they've strayed from with TTT2, us footfans have one Gem of a Sexy Fighter coming VERY SOON. VF5FS has finally been given a release date- June 5, 2012.  That's just a few weeks away! The game will be a digital download release (no disc release) for both PSN and XBL, priced at $14.99 (PSN) or 1200 Microsoft Points (XBL). The base game has, afaik, NO alternate customs out of the non-existent box- though I think you will get at least all the default costumes including the new 'S' costumes which has all the characters in their bare necessities (swimsuits, et al). So even if you don't get any of the DLC customs, you still get your barefoot fix right away.

However, I do recommend getting the whole kit and caboodle, or at least the character packages of your fave babe (or guy, if that's the way you roll). Each character DLC package contains ALL that character's customizations, from head-to-toe, which amounts to about 600-900 individual items... all at only $4.99.
Alternatively, the character customs will be available in large packs of about 9 or 10 characters each (2 packs) priced at $14.99/1200 MSP. Still quite reasonable, given how much you're getting! In any case, all we really need is just Barefoot Customizations, but think of all the sexy ensembles you can put together! Man, this is going to be awesome. I am going to have barefoot VF5FS matches aplenty... and all without all those crappy, irritating notations and Sega text/logo crap blocking our view! Mmmm... damn this is magnificent.

I have to say that I've been waiting for VF5FS forever- it really is the one single game that in my mind equals Tekken 6 in value and quality of characters, gameplay, graphics and animations. Once I have it in my grasping hands, I will be pretty set. At least, for the for a good long while, I think. Expect TONS of sexy barefoot action from Pai, Sarah, Aoi, Vanessa, Eileen and Dural starting next month on the channel, and here as well. My PS3 and body are ready, Sega! BRING IT ON!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makoto: Barefoot Hakama Action (Super Streetfighter IVAE PC)

From Karate to Aikido?

Streetfighter's resident barefoot karate tomboy, Makoto, has always been known and loved for her trademark gi or martial arts uniform. There's really something attractive about the baggy, formless attire- I think it's the way it accentuates our favorite parts. But aside from the regular Karate uniform, there's one Japanese martial arts outfit that's even sexier for me- the Gi and Hakama. Hakama are, for the benefit of the uninformed, the traditional Japanese pantaloons characterized by wide pant legs, often worn by samurai and by martial artists (particularly of the Aikido school). In games, there have been quite a few hakama girls- our favorite of course being Asuka Kazama.

Well, thanks to another cool and sexy mod from prolific modder Ohhho, we can now see Makoto barefoot in hakama... and what can I say? HOT!

Hakama perfectly show off a nice bit of hip, ankle and feet... surely why it's a fave among martial arts foot fans.

The mod has Mak wearing traditional sarashi (bandages) as her top, with the hakama bottoms nicely showing off a teasing bit of hip as well as her sexy, strong ankles and big, beautiful feet. I think the whole ensemble gives a very appealing, rugged look that perfectly fits the tough but cute tomboy. I'd go even farther to say that this mod brings to mind a more mature, slightly grown-up Makoto, buffer and tougher and more kick-ass and cute. I really, really like this... heck, I would have to, to replace the Lightning/No Gi mod for it. I'll be posting quite a bit of Makoto Hakama-clad action on the channel, but you can check out the first batch of vids right now here. Enjoy all the flying feet and sexy soles then!

What I'd give to see Makoto and Asuka Kazama in a one-on-one Hakama-clad Barefoot Brawl...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tekken 6 Barefoot Babe Battles!

Nina and Asuka get it on in the snow.

It's been a while since I've posted about Tekken 6 (well, admittedly it's been a while since I've posted, period... heheh), but that doesn't mean I've gotten tired of this awesome brawler. In fact, I STILL consider it my favorite Barefoot Babe Fighting Game (with Super Streetfighter IVAE PC coming in a close second), thanks to the high quality character models, sexy KO animations and, of course, the hot barefoot-able Tekken ladies in the roster.

Anyway, before I start gushing and talking about detailed and fleshy Tekken Girl soles, I'll get to the point of this post. I fired up the PS3 some time ago and played Tekken 6's Arcade Mode- and by luck, I encountered my own barefoot Ghost A.I. Nina Williams. This doesn't happen often, so I took the opportunity to capture some All-Barefoot Babe action. Man, if only TTT2 was this sexy. Oh well. Enjoy the vids!

No cold feet in this vid!

Only one babe is going to be left standing at the end.

Looks like the only one who can stop Nina's reign is... Nina!

Apologies to Alisa and Xiaoyu fans... I didn't have time to do vids with those two cuties. Oh well... I'll make it up to them someday. Heheh...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nocturnal (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

Now THIS is one Daedric Prince I woulnd't mind bowing to...

 It's been a while since my last post, which I apologize for. Just found myself either playing games, working or just sleeping. Lazy git, that I am, but I am still here and well, still blogging about the best videogame feet around. Well, another thing that hasn't changed recently is that I'm STILL absorbed in playing Bethesda's RPG Opus, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, on my (relatively) new and spiffier PC Laptop. Heck, it's a super-detailed fantasy world that's evolving and getting cool changes with every new mod, and the babes in it (once properly beautified with some MUST-INSTALL mods) just have the finest and sexiest bare feet in all of gaming (as far as I know). No, really... is there a game with female feet better than Skyrim (once you install the FemFeet mod, of course)? If there is, I'd like to see it. Yeah, Vindictus has barefoot babes by default, but they're anime-ish and not as detailed as the ultra-realistic Skyrim feet, and AFAIK it's more action game-ish and doesn't give as great views, angles or options for ogling like Skyrim.

 AAaaaanyway... before I gush anymore about Skyrim, onto the barefoot babe at hand. Of course, the unshod goddess in focus now is from Skyrim, but she's no ordinary babe. No mortal lady- I'm talking about Nocturnal, the mysterious and enchanting Daedric Prince (even female they're called Prince) of the Night and Patron of Thieves. Though she appeared in statue form in Oblivion, as far as I know this is the first time we see her in the flesh (or in person at least) and speaking. As you can see in the vid, Nocturnal appears as a comely human woman, dressed in some provocative robes and floating, with nightingales at her arms. Of course, she's barefoot and well, having her hovering makes for nice views. I guess supplicants with heads bowed before her must surely be ogling at her divine toes and imagining how they'd be worshipping them. I know I would... heheh.

Of course, Nocturnal's character model benefits as well from the CBBE/FemFeet mod I've installed, giving her beautiful feet like every other mortal female in the game. Thank the gods for Phygit and his heavenly mod! This vid is of course the climax, the finishing event for the Thieves Guild questline in the game- it doesn't seem like she's pleased with you, but I think that just makes her that more appealing- a bitchy dominatrix? Nice.
I wonder if and when my Dragonborn finally bites the bullet and goes to Evergloam in the afterlife, will he spend his time as her footstoll, or giving Nocturnal foot massages? Awesome! Anyway, once you finish this scene, you don't see Nocturnal again, but at least you can gaze at her feet (well, her statue's feet) at the Shrine that appears at the Thieves Guild headquarters afterwards. So you can revisit her anytime you want, when you're in Riften.

 Well, with immortal feet in your mind, enjoy the vid and here's to more vids and soles to come this month! Later then!