Monday, May 14, 2012

VF5 Final Showdown: Barefoot Brawling Heaven in JUNE!

The latest trailer for VF5 Final Showdown shows off gameplay, game modes, extensive customizations and even a couple of barefoot babes.

While I've always said and will continue to say that Tekken 6 is my all-time favorite barefoot babe brawler (thanks to my faves Lili and Asuka in it), there's one game that rivals T6 in so many aspects, and even surpasses it in a couple of ways.Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the latest and greatest installment of Sega's classic, Top-Tier fighting game series, one-ups Namco's fighter by having a couple of points in its favor- ONE, Barefoot Customization for ALL the characters (including all the babes, of course), which was first added in VF5R, and TWO, Sexy Swimsuits/Bikinis for the babes, added exclusively in VF5FS. Tekken 6 though still has better-looking feet and soles (and character models in general, IMO), the best KO animation (the Mid-Hit KO... yum) and more babes; VF still has only 5 babes in the roster, amazingly enough.

Well, till Tekken comes back to the good and straight path of babe hotness they've strayed from with TTT2, us footfans have one Gem of a Sexy Fighter coming VERY SOON. VF5FS has finally been given a release date- June 5, 2012.  That's just a few weeks away! The game will be a digital download release (no disc release) for both PSN and XBL, priced at $14.99 (PSN) or 1200 Microsoft Points (XBL). The base game has, afaik, NO alternate customs out of the non-existent box- though I think you will get at least all the default costumes including the new 'S' costumes which has all the characters in their bare necessities (swimsuits, et al). So even if you don't get any of the DLC customs, you still get your barefoot fix right away.

However, I do recommend getting the whole kit and caboodle, or at least the character packages of your fave babe (or guy, if that's the way you roll). Each character DLC package contains ALL that character's customizations, from head-to-toe, which amounts to about 600-900 individual items... all at only $4.99.
Alternatively, the character customs will be available in large packs of about 9 or 10 characters each (2 packs) priced at $14.99/1200 MSP. Still quite reasonable, given how much you're getting! In any case, all we really need is just Barefoot Customizations, but think of all the sexy ensembles you can put together! Man, this is going to be awesome. I am going to have barefoot VF5FS matches aplenty... and all without all those crappy, irritating notations and Sega text/logo crap blocking our view! Mmmm... damn this is magnificent.

I have to say that I've been waiting for VF5FS forever- it really is the one single game that in my mind equals Tekken 6 in value and quality of characters, gameplay, graphics and animations. Once I have it in my grasping hands, I will be pretty set. At least, for the for a good long while, I think. Expect TONS of sexy barefoot action from Pai, Sarah, Aoi, Vanessa, Eileen and Dural starting next month on the channel, and here as well. My PS3 and body are ready, Sega! BRING IT ON!!!


  1. Sweet. Y'know you can Cosplay these Girls too. Bare Foot Cosplayers FTW!!

  2. I am so ready for FS. DAAAAAAMN I'm excited. ^___^