Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makoto: Barefoot Hakama Action (Super Streetfighter IVAE PC)

From Karate to Aikido?

Streetfighter's resident barefoot karate tomboy, Makoto, has always been known and loved for her trademark gi or martial arts uniform. There's really something attractive about the baggy, formless attire- I think it's the way it accentuates our favorite parts. But aside from the regular Karate uniform, there's one Japanese martial arts outfit that's even sexier for me- the Gi and Hakama. Hakama are, for the benefit of the uninformed, the traditional Japanese pantaloons characterized by wide pant legs, often worn by samurai and by martial artists (particularly of the Aikido school). In games, there have been quite a few hakama girls- our favorite of course being Asuka Kazama.

Well, thanks to another cool and sexy mod from prolific modder Ohhho, we can now see Makoto barefoot in hakama... and what can I say? HOT!

Hakama perfectly show off a nice bit of hip, ankle and feet... surely why it's a fave among martial arts foot fans.

The mod has Mak wearing traditional sarashi (bandages) as her top, with the hakama bottoms nicely showing off a teasing bit of hip as well as her sexy, strong ankles and big, beautiful feet. I think the whole ensemble gives a very appealing, rugged look that perfectly fits the tough but cute tomboy. I'd go even farther to say that this mod brings to mind a more mature, slightly grown-up Makoto, buffer and tougher and more kick-ass and cute. I really, really like this... heck, I would have to, to replace the Lightning/No Gi mod for it. I'll be posting quite a bit of Makoto Hakama-clad action on the channel, but you can check out the first batch of vids right now here. Enjoy all the flying feet and sexy soles then!

What I'd give to see Makoto and Asuka Kazama in a one-on-one Hakama-clad Barefoot Brawl...

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