Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nocturnal (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

Now THIS is one Daedric Prince I woulnd't mind bowing to...

 It's been a while since my last post, which I apologize for. Just found myself either playing games, working or just sleeping. Lazy git, that I am, but I am still here and well, still blogging about the best videogame feet around. Well, another thing that hasn't changed recently is that I'm STILL absorbed in playing Bethesda's RPG Opus, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, on my (relatively) new and spiffier PC Laptop. Heck, it's a super-detailed fantasy world that's evolving and getting cool changes with every new mod, and the babes in it (once properly beautified with some MUST-INSTALL mods) just have the finest and sexiest bare feet in all of gaming (as far as I know). No, really... is there a game with female feet better than Skyrim (once you install the FemFeet mod, of course)? If there is, I'd like to see it. Yeah, Vindictus has barefoot babes by default, but they're anime-ish and not as detailed as the ultra-realistic Skyrim feet, and AFAIK it's more action game-ish and doesn't give as great views, angles or options for ogling like Skyrim.

 AAaaaanyway... before I gush anymore about Skyrim, onto the barefoot babe at hand. Of course, the unshod goddess in focus now is from Skyrim, but she's no ordinary babe. No mortal lady- I'm talking about Nocturnal, the mysterious and enchanting Daedric Prince (even female they're called Prince) of the Night and Patron of Thieves. Though she appeared in statue form in Oblivion, as far as I know this is the first time we see her in the flesh (or in person at least) and speaking. As you can see in the vid, Nocturnal appears as a comely human woman, dressed in some provocative robes and floating, with nightingales at her arms. Of course, she's barefoot and well, having her hovering makes for nice views. I guess supplicants with heads bowed before her must surely be ogling at her divine toes and imagining how they'd be worshipping them. I know I would... heheh.

Of course, Nocturnal's character model benefits as well from the CBBE/FemFeet mod I've installed, giving her beautiful feet like every other mortal female in the game. Thank the gods for Phygit and his heavenly mod! This vid is of course the climax, the finishing event for the Thieves Guild questline in the game- it doesn't seem like she's pleased with you, but I think that just makes her that more appealing- a bitchy dominatrix? Nice.
I wonder if and when my Dragonborn finally bites the bullet and goes to Evergloam in the afterlife, will he spend his time as her footstoll, or giving Nocturnal foot massages? Awesome! Anyway, once you finish this scene, you don't see Nocturnal again, but at least you can gaze at her feet (well, her statue's feet) at the Shrine that appears at the Thieves Guild headquarters afterwards. So you can revisit her anytime you want, when you're in Riften.

 Well, with immortal feet in your mind, enjoy the vid and here's to more vids and soles to come this month! Later then!

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  1. "...Hrormir was mightily amused.
    He swallowed his Laughter
    In his Mead,
    For none should laugh outright
    At the Daedra Lord Nocturnal.
    Without her gray Cowl of shadowed Night,
    Her hideous Face forced the Moons
    To hide themselves.
    Hrormir the Mighty did not quail.

    "Wherest be thine Hood, shadowy hag?"
    "Mortal Man hast taken it from me unaware.

    When I awoke, my Face unmasked,
    My Kingdom cast into the Light,
    My Dark King Heirs in Pieces cast,
    And here, my Champion smiles.
    Yet in truth, thou kept thy Promise truly,
    To never keep thy Promise true."