Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rose as Poison Ivy (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

Rose as the sexy, barefoot comic villainess Pamela Isely AKA Poison Ivy... PERFECT.

I don't know how but for some reason I've neglected to post about the mod I've come to regard as a Total Masterpiece by Master Modder Sloth86. It's the Poison Ivy mod for Rose, and as you can see- it's pretty awesome in both design and execution. Based on the Poison Ivy from the sexy art of the Batman: Hush comics and a bit from the DC Universe MMO, this is pretty sexy, leaving Rose wearing a leafy, skimpy one piece and leaving her legs and feet bare. And what lovely, worshipful legs and feet they are!
Thankfully Sloth has replaced the models he used in his previous Rose 'Swimsuit' mod, giving her properly feminine and soft-looking soles and toes. Most of the variants have Rose with green skin and some vines snaking about her limbs, but the best colors (for me) are the ones with her retaining her human skintone and no vines to get in the way of seeing those lovely legs and feet. Yum! Even better, Rose's scarf has been turned into a vine, which makes it totally perfect as well in terms of animation and attacks. This mod just ROCKS! I'd say it blows away any official alternate costume, far and away, and is the best mod I've seen for SSFIVAE PC. Grand props to Sloth for this!

Anyways, here are a bunch of vids showing off Rose AKA Pamela Isely AKA Poison Ivy sending her vines against some other barefoot babes in the game. Check them out for some sexy KOs and action with some of the hottest soles and toes in gaming.

Ivy's charms and shocking plants have left even the electrifying Lightning (Makoto) out cold and unconscious.

Is Ibuki nimble enough to avoid getting snared by Ivy's vines?

If you don't like Ivy's greenish skin, there are a couple of nice and sexy Ivy variants with normal human skin.

We'll definitely have more sexy barefoot mod videos soon from SSFIVAE PC. For now, enjoy the vids. Hmm... I wonder what Ivy's toes taste like? Hopefully more fruity than veggie! Heheh...

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