Saturday, April 7, 2012

Barefoot Babe Wars in Streetfighter X Tekken!

Asuka makes an awesome barefoot kunoichi!

Streetfighter X Tekken isn't overflowing with Barefoot Babes, but it has enough to make it a Treat for Foot Fans. Not only do you get the sexy toes and soles of Ibuki and Juri, with an affordable DLC you can get Asuka Kazama cosplaying as a kunoichi herself, shedding her battle boots and exposing her sexy toes, heels and soles for us to ogle and enjoy. Hey, it's not like 'barefoot' instep guard footwear is new to the lovely Asuka- since her P1 Hakamas outfit wasn't included in this crossover, it's good that Capcom still managed to give us footfans a treat. And I have to say- Asuka as a ninja is HOT. Aside from her feet, I have to say I'm finding her luscious chest and hips quite hypnotic. Mmm.

Barefoot Ninja Babe Overload!

The next few vids are Scramble Battles, which have all four fighters messing it up at the same time. The feet fly fast and furious, but it's still a wonderfully frantic sight to see which babes are left standing and which will be taking some impromptu naps. Well, whoever wins, I'm sure we'll be ready to give all of these ladies foot massages and worship regardless. Heheh.

Big, beautiful Ninja Feet fly all over the place in these Scramble Battles!

Juri joins the Barefoot Brawl in this vid.

What's nicer, TKD Feet or Ninja Feet? I can't decide!

Though the action flies fast, there are awesome sole shots to be had in this crossover fighter.

The game's only set to get better in the next few months when the Barefoot Babe count gets higher with the eventual inclusion of Elena (Streetfighter III) and Christie Monteiro (Tekken). For now though, I think Asuka, Ibuki and Juri can hold the line. Certainly a cool fighter any fighting gamer and foot fans will want to have in their library. Enjoy the vids!

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