Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gravure Idol Monkeying Around (Super Monkey Ball PS Vita)

Um... I don't understand what they're saying but I love this vid.

Okay, the vid above, which is an extended version of Sega's new ads for their upcoming Super Monkey Ball for the Playstation Vita, doesn't feature a Virtual Hottie like usual... it does have the gorgeous and utterly adorable (and quite flexible!) Yukie Kawamura doing some pretty weird but entertaining things while demoing the game. Man, when you're a beautiful woman in Japan, they really put you through some odd things. But heck, we've got a totally hot babe in a bikini and some quite amazing views of her quite real and quite totally kissable bare feet, so what's to puzzle over?

All we need is to see the lovely Yukie playing around and just giving us more angles to view those delectably smooth and soft toes and soles. Mmmm! She'd surely like a nice foot massage after such a strenuous play session, eh? Anyway, sorry if I've been a bit erratic in my posting, but I'll be sure to update more often when I can. For now, enjoy the vid!

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