Friday, April 13, 2012

Chun-Li: Barefoot Kunoichi! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

The lovely Chun-Li tries her hand at Shiranui-style Ninjitsu!

It's been a while since I last featured the mod-tastic Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC, but that doesn't mean there haven't been cool and sexy barefoot mods added to the menagerie in the meantime... I've just been busy with other stuff. But anyway, I finally got to brawling with the big and beautiful feet of Capcom's World Warriors, and it's pretty awesome. The latest mod for the lovely INTERPOL Beauty, Chun-Li allows us to enjoy two hot videogame ladies at the same time. The mod, created by modder Segadedorlinks lets Chunners cosplay as her SNK Counterpart- bouncy ninja girl Mai Shiranui! Now, Mai Shiranui mods aren't new, but this is the first to do a barefoot Mai AKA her version from the classic Real Bout Fatal Fury games. For the most part it's a good mod, although I am kinda offed by the fact that the modder felt the need to reduce the size of Chun's feet by quite a bit from the size of earlier mods. As a result, in the final version of the mod which includes her instep guard footwear, her feet kinda disappear. This is the reason why I decided to just use the version of the mod where Mai/Chun is totally barefoot instead. Anyway, that little stumble aside, it's a neat mod and pretty nice. Being so used to the bigger feet of earlier mods from Sloth86 and others, I found the much smaller feet a bit odd at first, but they do look nice after a bit (they are still actually bigger than normal) and do the job of offsetting Chun's large thighs.

Anyway, anatomy and cartoony proportion analysis aside, just enjoy the vids I've posted of Chun Shiranui having at it with a couple of the other barefoot beauties of SSFIV. Soles and toes fly, and hot knockouts abound. Chun/Mai's feet look so nice and soft now- imagine how they'd feet in your hands as you massage each toe, caress each smooth sole, squeeze the part between the balls of her feet. Yum!

More Barefoot Brawling to come! For now, enjoy the vids! Later then.

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