Saturday, May 19, 2012

Angel (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Console)

The mysterious and beautiful Angel is back and better (barefoot) than ever before!

Here's a pretty awesome development for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, whose console port (PS3, Xbox360) is slated for September. Producer Katsuhiro Harada has been saying that the home version will include many more characters not seen in the arcade version (pushing the number of selectables to well over 50). Well, it seems that several of these Extra Fighters have been teasingly revealed today, and one of them, thankfully, is a barefoot babe!
 That babe is none other than Angel, the mysterious, well, angelic being that first made her appearance waaaaay back in Tekken 2, a 'good' version to Devil who seems to be continually vying for Kazuya Mishima's soul. Well, the last time we saw Angel was in the first Tekken Tag Tournament. Well, both of her previous appearances didn't really get me excited since she was basically just a Kaz clone, and she wore sandals as well. Well, for some reason- perhaps the Tekken Team Character Designer FINALLY was inspired by awesomeness- Angel's back and she has thankfully left her old sandals behind. And what can I say about her lovely, bare feet in the artwork above other than they look... heavenly? Mmmm... her toes look so cute!

Well, all I can say is WOW! At least we now have another fully-barefoot babe (by default) in TTT2. Of course, even though I am generally disappointed in TTT2 (Arcade) due to the lack of any barefoot customization for any of the females (aside from hakama-and-instep guard customs for Jun and Asuka), it's not like the game's totally barren. Yes, there's Christie Monteiro, but sadly I just don't find her that appealing in her default outfit (all her other costumes don't have her barefoot). Then there's barefoot and naked-except-for-black-goo Unknown, whom I assume will be playable in the home version. But while Unknown is sexy, I do prefer my babe's feet to be clean and kissable... which Angel's surely are!

All I can hope for is that the game eventually adds barefoot customizations on console, but even so, I guess with Unknown and now Angel I think TTT2 is something to look forward to. Till September, I'll be dreaming of Angel's heavenly toes and soles then...


  1. Awesome. A proper female angel should always be barefoot.

  2. Here's a higher-res one:) . I can already imagine using her "Bitch Kicks"m throw move on the other characters:)

  3. Just updated the article with a video showing off Angel (and other new characters) in action. Check it out! Angel is looking to be one formidable fighter... ^___^

  4. The English language version isn't reat. Anyway,that's not the main reason why I'm commenting. I'm here to inform you Sole. that I've advertised this very blog on my site 'The Realm'. I've also plugged your Youtube channel as well. Come check it out. Hope you like what I did.

  5. Can you give your URL? :) I can't seem to find your site (you've never told me about it, afaik)...

  6. OKAY! I just found a page with a Seriously HUGE version of Angel's CG Render! It's so big and detailed, you see some nice texture and detail to the model's cloth and skin... of course, her toes are so lovely and real-looking I just wanted to grab them off the screen and start kissing. You can find the HD render on this page (just scroll down to the thumbnails and open the image in a new window).

    You're welcome. DAMN her toes look amazing...

  7. @Solekeeper I thought you had it. You need to watch my blog. BTW,Sloth has created a Barefoot Poison mod for SFxT.

  8. Saw it and added you to the Blog List. ^____^ Thanks for the Plug! While I'm sure you recommended WWE games to me, I didn't know you felt that strongly about them. Heheh I'll see what I can do if and when I get into a WWE CAS-making mood.

    BTW yeah, I've been aware of Sloth86's Poison 'Revealed' mod for some time- in fact, I DL'ed the mod the day he posted it on DA. However, I've been a bit leery of posting it because, well, he made it a point to give her a freakin' BULGE. It's pretty annoying and kinda kills the appeal for me. Doesn't help as well that her feet are kinda ugly. So I'm still debating with myself if I want the mod, as it is, on my channel. Maybe I'll post vids with Poison but with Juri and Cammy in the vid as well. We'll see. Still thinking about it.

    1. Will Tekken Tag Tournament have Barefoot Customizations like Tekken 6? Yeah,the Buldge kinda annoyed me too. Weird since Poison is a Woman in the Japanese version of Final Fight.

      And THanks for watching The Realm. More Cool Stuff coming soon.