Thursday, May 17, 2012

Streetfighter X Tekken: Barefoot Cammy Mod!

Once again, Cammy bares her perfect feet for footfans' everywhere.

 I remember those Halcyon Days when I was an exclusive console gamer (and foot fan). I was blissfully of the mind that PC games didn't have barefoot babe game of any worth outside of anime porn, and satisfied with what I could get on PSX, PS2 and beyond. As years passed, PC games began to include MMO's with barefoot customization (way ahead of consoles, I know), but they just didn't give the views I wanted, so I ignored them. In my experiences, fighting games often yielded the best barefoot babes in gaming, and these one-on-one beat 'em ups were almost exclusive to consoles.
Of course that all ended some time ago, when Capcom released their recent fighters on PC. I passed on SFIV, but as we all know, Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for the PC, thanks to some amazing custom skins from awesome mod god Sloth86 turned the game from 'meh' to 'Magnificent', finally giving many foot fans fulfillment of longtime dreams- seeing hot Streetfighter babes de-booted and barefoot in-game for the first time ever.

Cammy takes out Poison and Hugo with her hot feet. Fancy a barefoot Poison? It might be possible someday!

The first babe to deboot was, of course, the stunningly sexy 'Killer Bee', Cammy, finally shedding her ever-present heavy boots and showing her perfect, formidable bare feet thanks to Sloth's Escape from Shadaloo mod; a skin inspired by a short-but-sweet segment in the UDON Streetfighter comics that had a captive Cammy running around for a while bereft of her footwear. The mod has since been revised and perfected for SSFIVAE, but even better, has just recently been converted for use in the just-released PC version of Streetfighter X Tekken!

Prior to this, SFxTK only had three babes considered 'barefoot'- or, semi-barefoot as all three wear leggings that partly cover their feet. The Cammy mod now finally adds a fully-barefoot babe in the roster, and well, even if she's only one, barefoot Cammy is sexy enough to satisfy any foot fan, I wager!

Ibuki's ninja peds are cute, but Cammy's fully-bare feet are faster, stronger and sexier.

Cammy wipes the floor with Jin and stomps her foot into his face... lucky bastard.

Who'll be the next babe to deboot? Chun-Li? Asuka? Lili?

Not even Tekken's Otherworldy Bioweapon is a match for Cammy's hot feet!

I had given up on SFxTK before, but with the addition of the mod and having Cammy barefoot and kicking her soles and toes all over the place, it's like the game has been supercharged! There are TONS of great views of Cammy all over the place, with the camera zooming in and out for various attacks, in-game cutscenes and such. I dare say, the views are probably even better than that in SSFIVAE! Needless to say, SFxTK has jumped up from being a negligible gimmick beat 'em up to a Now Favorite Barefoot Fighter.
Glorious views of Cammy's soles like this abound in Streetfighter X Tekken.

 So check out the vids I've already posted showing off Cammy in barefoot brawling action that's even wilder than before. She's totally hot and will surely have foot-lovers drooling and wanting to worship her perfect peds after every fierce battle. I'll be sure to post a lot more Streetfighter X Tekken Cammy from here on in.

TWO Barefoot Cammy's AND Juri AND Ibuki??? Barefoot Babe OVERLOAD!!!

With views like this, us foot-fans win every time. Cammy's tired soles are surely just aching for a massage...

Best of all, this is surely only the beginning! If our mod gods continue, perhaps we can see the other babes in SFxTK bare their feet for our pleasure soon. Man, I have to say it again... I am soooooo glad I invested in a PC Laptop. It's a Great, Great Time to be a Foot-Loving Gamer!


  1. Oh, forget the SF chicks, let's get Lili barefoot ASAP! :)

  2. zoh, I keep forgetting Elena is not out yet in the non-modded releases. Shame that the PC is getting patches instead of on-the-disc treatment making us wait for the line-up of truly barefoot babes:(

  3. Well, hopefully Sloth86 and other modders continue working on SFXTK to bare the other babes' feet as well. But really- I'm so happy with just Barefoot Cammy right now... she's just so sexy and bitchy in this game- So HOT! ^___^

  4. A Barefoot Poison Mod Needs to be Next.