Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ten-Ten Barefoot Sparring (Naruto Shippuden)

Very cool animated ninja fighting from the Naruto Shippuden anime.

The Naruto anime is one of the biggest disappointments for me- it's a series full of ninja, yet sadly we only really get to see toes of any of the ninja babes' feet for 99.9 percent of the time, and none of them really go barefoot. If ONLY the ninja designs were made by Capcom- could you imagine Ibuki-esque ninja babes romping around in anime? Sigh... well, that all said, there are still occasional rare barefoot moments in Naruto... here's one of them. It's actually not in an episode, but in the Ending/Credits animation for the 15th Season. The animation, which shows off Naruto doing some friendly sparring with some friends/comrades, includes the lovely weapon-using Ten-Ten in a nice sexy workout look and bare feet. There's a closeup sole shot at the end, but it's actually from Naruto himself (agh). In any case this is a nice vid, nice music and just a little update for now to get you excited for some ninja-esque soles. Later then!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Barefoot Dovakiin: The Travels of Krysta Kai (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Krysta likes taking walks along rivers, men who give great foot massages and dabbling in black magic.

It had to happen... I'm hopelessly addicted to Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on the PC, so it was inevitable that I'd post my own personal Video Playthrough series. However, as you may all have figured out- this is pretty much made with footfans' tastes in mind. Our heroine, the titular Krysta, is a very down-to-earth Breton woman- in fact, she's so down with the earth that she feels her best when her flesh is constantly in touch with the soil. She loves the feel of fresh grass between her toes, or even the grindy feel of gravel. Luckily, thanks to her Dragonborn blood Krysta's feet are invulnerable to the hardest cobblestones, and she'll never get cold feet even in the harshest of blizzards! Man, is that a foot goddess or what?

Whether it's forest, glacier or city road- Krysta walks them unshod and unstoppable!

With the exception of some particular sequences or quests where she has to wear something, our heroine will be going through the game unshod. It's a sacrifice of course as boots do give a nice bit of overall protection... but to make things even more difficult, Krysta's big hair also makes it so that she'll probably shun most headgear, while her fashion sense may make her shun some armor in favor of less-protective but sexier outfits... Coupled with this game being played on Expert, I think this may give me a bit of a challenge (Not Master though... I'm not a masochist).
I've already posted four 'chapters' so far- expect a LOT more. My playthrough will include the use of various PC mods, including of course the awesome CBBE Body (Slim), Coverwomen face mod and ApachiiSky Hair. Aside from the cosmetic, there are also gameplay-centric mods that will give little surprises and cool bits to see that you won't see on console.
Check out the vids for now- there's sure to be lots of action and fan service in this action-adventure playthrough. Where will Krysta's feet take her? We'll find out!

Oh, and did I mention that Skyrim is one of those games that nicely has a specific sound effect for Barefoot Soles walking? So nice to hear Krysta's soles lapping away. Heheh. Once again, I heartily recommend barefoot fans to get Skyrim for PC. Most Awesome Barefoot Babe RPG you can get. Or, just watch my vids! Later then! Krysta's got dragons to kill!

Here's a nice parting shot of things to come...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beware the Siren! (Bioshock Infinite)

This creepy barefoot spectral babe awaits in the next Bioshock...

If you remember the first Bioshock, it was an awesome shooter though the only barefoot babes in it were crazy, creepy female Splicers (specifically, the Baby Doll variant). Yeah, there were the Little Sisters but they were a bit too young for my tastes (and too glowy-eyed). The next game in the series, Bioshock 2 was bereft of any unshod beauties, but the upcoming third game in this series- Bioshock Infinite may have something for foot fans. Though we still don't know if the lovely female lead Elizabeth will show off her toes and soles (probably not), one of the enemies we'll be encountering in the game- one of the 'Heavy Hitters'- is a mysterious female called The Siren. She's mostly shrouded in wispy cloth, but is shown in an illustration wearing a kind of flowery crown. Aside from that, the only part of her body so far shown are her very-bare legs and feet. Nice! Well, I dunno though if we'll still be attracted to this menacing muse once she's unmasked, but hopefully her face is at least as nice as her feet.

I'm thinking though that sadly once dispatched, this spectral lady may just vanish into mist, but here's to the hope we see more of her in the game that gives us a nicer view. Just a little update for now. Bioshock Infinite is out later this year.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skyrim Soles: CBBE or UNP? (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

My hot barefoot conjurer babe will serve as our foot model for today.

In case you haven't been updated on recent events here on my blog, as of late my new Favorite Barefoot Babe Game as of right now isn't a One-on-One Beat 'Em Up like the awesome Tekken 6 or Soul Calibur V. Nope, it's an RPG- but none other than the most awesome RPG from Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Admittedly though, Skyrim only got their lofty status as an Awesome Open World RPG filled with Hot Barefoot/Barefoot-able Babes thanks to MODS. Just like Super Streetfighter IV, the vanilla version of Skyrim was a great RPG but not a hot barefoot babe game- thanks mainly to the devs being absolutely lazy when it came to rendering the in-game feet of Skyrim's ladies. Whereas in the previous game, Oblivion, they actually bothered to give character models feet with individual toes, the bare feet in Skyrim were a blurry, mashed-up mess.

Thankfully, modding is part and parcel of the Elder Scrolls games, and Skyrim is no exception. With the release of the Creation Kit, modders have been encouraged to add to the world of Skyrim everything from new characters to quests, new weapons and all sorts of graphical and gameplay improvements. Wonderfully enough, a modder named Phygit developed the FemFeet mod which gives the females of this fantasy world detailed, sexy feet to walk around in and allure the menfolk with. BTW there is no MenFeet mod as of yet- so I guess the female foot fetish crowd isn't being catered to...). The feet are actually so well done, I venture to say they're the best in-game bare feet I've yet seen in a game. They're that luscious. Heheh.
Anyway, there are actually two majorly popular female full body mods that incorporate Phygit's FemFeet along with enhancements in skin, breasts and faces for the less attractive Vanilla models. The two are Caliente's CBBE and the Dimonized UNP female body mods. What's the difference? Actually you'd be hard-pressed to figure that out at first glance. But fellow foot fan OlgerthHeidern666 on Youtube pointed out a good way to distinguish them.

Basically the CBBE body is given to be more voluptuous, with a splendidly large pair of boobs (although there IS a less pinup-ish 'slim' version), while the UNP body is more athletic, with not-so-large breasts and a slim but attractive physique. Well, that's up to individual tastes to figure out for themselves. Basically though, both UNP and CBBE have their own compatible costume mods and armors, including some 'barefoot' armor leggings as of yet exclusive to UNP- a great incentive for playres to choose it over CBBE. However, for me, it all boils down to the FEET themselves. Which body mod has the better feet? Well, there IS a significant different between the two bods' execution of their peds, and I'll show you them below in the screens.

First off, let's see how the CBBE and UNP feet look from the top and sides.

CBBE Female Feet from the top and side.

The CBBE feet have a nice, uniform skintone to the feet, and the toenails are pleasingly au naturelle (there IS an option for nail polish, but only one color can be chosen at a time, and ALL women will wear that same color- so I opted to NOT use it). You can see a slight hint of an arch with the side view.

UNP Female Feet from the top and side.

The UNP feet seems to have even more detail in terms of the toes from the top view, with the toenails particularly standing out. The UNP feet also have a nice sheen to the skin, quite a difference from the more subdued skin of the CBBE Feet. That said, I think it's safe to say from the top and sides, BOTH UNP and CBBE female feet look great- it all comes down to the person on which is better in that regard. So now we come to where they diverge from each other, and where my preference is decided.

The UNP Feet from BELOW show off some uniformly smooth soles- too smooth I think, to the point that they seem flat. Normal feet aren't really this flat (unless you're flat-footed) or uniformly featureless, if you know feet.

In contrast, the CBBE Feet, when seen from below, show quite a bit more detail and texture with their soles, showing off the division of the balls of the foot, plus a more visible arch. It's a bit more detail which, while not perfect, goes quite a long way in making the soles more lifelike.

Again, it's certainly not perfect, but it's really nicely done and what made me ultimately choose CBBE over UNP. I AM after all called The SOLE Keeper. The Better Sole means the Better Foot.

CBBE Feet have SOLE.

As you can see in the extra pic above, the CBBE soles' detail is even more pronounced and life-like in the daytime. You can clearly see the areas of the foot that are supposed to touch the ground and which is the elevated instep. Sometimes the effect of the shading has the nice visual effect of giving the soles a slightly 'soiled' appearance... how's that for detail?

In the end though, it's up to you, the player, to decide which body mod you'll install for your Skyrim. UNP is hothothot, and there are many sexy outfits as well as the barefoot armor leggings to use. If soles aren't as important for you, then UNP may be the mod to go with. But if you're like me and soles are the bomb, then CBBE is the only way to go. Take heart that the creator of the barefoot leggings has indicated that he will make CBBE versions of his mods eventually.

In closing, let's thank my lovely Novice Conjurer Zombie Babe for serving as our foot model for most of the article. She's a lovely lass- although she did start off trying to kill me. She's actually pretty low level and weak, but heck, she's HOT so I decided to take her along as a Barefoot Zombie Babe Follower (thanks to a mod, zombies don't crumble into ash afterwards, but can be used indefinitely like the Dead Thrall spell). Anyway, in case you still haven't gotten the hint- Skyrim for PC is a MUST game for serious Barefoot Babe fans. It's got amazing gameplay AND amazing barefoot babes. What more could you ask for? Anyway, hope you found this article enjoyable. I'll be off then back to Skyrim and giving my barefoot babes some much-deserved foot massages...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barefoot Barbarian Babes! (Age of Barbarian PC)

Skyrim, MOVE OVER! Here comes AGE OF BARBARIAN!!!

Okay, this came out of left field- a seemingly retro-ish hack-and-slash 2D action game for the PC loaded with good ol' fashioned violence and nudity! Yep, complete with hilariously cheezy copy and voiceover. That all said, this is a game that looks to please foot fans easily. Not many games out there give you a barefoot, bikini-clad warrior princess running around in sexy fashion. This almost seems like a game version of the classic Fire and Ice animated film by Ralph Bakshi (anyone here remember that? Barefoot Babe CLASSIC). Hey, the heroine, Sheyna, dresses just like Princess Tigra in Fire and Ice and has a sizzling Angelina Jolie-esque look to her which I am really liking. She's certainly no damsel in distress and can decapitate and dismember just as well as the male barbarian hero, all the while running barefoot everywhere from grassy forests to dark dungeons. Man, after all that she'd probably enjoy a good foot massage on those sexy, strong soles.

Okay, barefoot babes AND Tentacles? This game is gonna sell TONS.

Anyway, from the videos we can see that the graphics are pretty clean and nice, with big character sprites that are smoothly animated. From what I can tell, your barbarian starts off nearly naked and from there may put on some articles of clothing to give some protection- though I'm sure any 'armor' won't cover up much. The game seems to have quite a few locales to explore, lots of enemies to fight and such. I definitely like the little touches, like the sound of the Princess's bare feet as she runs. Mmm. This game may be something to look forward to when it arrives later this year. It will be available as a digital download and in a DVD version (which comes with a Making Of video... wow!). I think I'll keep an eye out for this. Guilty Pleasure indeed!

Cheesy, sexy and bloody action with a barefoot barbarian princess... hey, what's not to love?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw: Barefoot Bikini Babe vs Zombies!

Will this bubbly babe bare her soles for the slavering hordes?

When Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming sexy action title Lollipop Chainsaw was firt shown off, I was intrigued. Hey, what red-blooded male wouldn't be excited by the thought of a hot, blonde cheerleader bouncing around, high-kicking and decapitating zombies? This action title for the PS3 and Xbox360 looked certainly like a spectacle, an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek slash 'em up which oozed pink bubblegum, cheesecake and wacky humor. The only problem was, heroine Juliet Starling didn't seem to be the type to battle undead unshod. For the first few months since release, nary a sight of toes or soles was to be seen, even with the announcement of some extra outfits. So I thought, what a pity- this game could have been something for us. Well, that was then. This is now.

Recent screens have shown off more costumes and lo and behold- foot fans will not be disappointed!

Juliet cosplays as the (semi)barefoot Shiro from Deadman Wonderland!

The first barefoot costume is one of several outfits done in collaboration with various zombie-themed anime (such as Haruna from Zombie Wa Desu Ka, etc), allowing Juliet to cosplay as a zombie-fighting anime heroine. The barefoot costume is that of Shiro, the white-haired, bodysuited heroine from Deadman Wonderland. Now, I haven't seen the anime myself, but now I am interested. Anyway, Shiro's outfit is a skintight number that covers most of Juliet's body- but leaves the best parts- her toes and heels- bare for us to ogle ala instep guard-type leggings (such as worn by Asuka Kazama in Tekken, or Mai Shiranui in Real Bout Fatal Fury).

The next two barefoot outfits are sexy, skimpy bikinis! Hold on though- there's a bit of a catch. Unlike the Anime-themed Collaborative Outfits (which includes the Shiro Cosplay), the two bikinis are exclusive Premium Content, available ONLY with the Premium Editions for the PS3 and Xbox360. Furthermore, only one bikini is available per console- so to get them both, you have to buy both versions. EGAD! Darn console exclusivity!

The Multi-layer Bikini is a bonus for the PS3 Premium Edition.

Who can resist a babe who can do this?

Anyway, the Premium versions are apparently the same price as the regular edition, so that's no biggie- however, you still have to buy both games if you're a completist (or just really, really like seeing Juliet in a bikini). I say, just get one. They're only slightly different anyway. One last thing- this is for the Japanese version. So conceivably the US or International versions may get the costumes by default with no Premium Edition nonsense (albeit you may still only get one bikini per console version regardless). But let's just forget all about these annoying conditions and just enjoy the sight of a barefoot bikini babe showing off her gorgeous body, toes and soles for her loving admirers.

The Shell Bikini is the bonus for the Xbox360 Premium Edition.

Foot fans have a reason to cheer as well when this game hits shelves.

I haven't actually seen any footage of Juliet in her bikini in action, but I hope that the costume can be worn throughout the game, even in the Campaign or Story mode equivalent, and through any and all cutscenes. That would really make this a treat. Anyway, having a barefoot muse hacking away in this game has made Lollipop Chainsaw a title to look forward to, when it arrives this coming June. From all these screens, I think this one may just be a great addition to any footfan's game library. Well see in mid-2012!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barefoot Capoeira Babes Unite! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Christie Monteiro and Elena together... who'd have thought it possible?

Another Streetfighter X Tekken DLC preview, care of some leaked/hacked Xbox360 vids on Youtube. Not just a simple outfit (like Asuka's ninja costume) but entire characters. Slated for release later this year on the PS Vita and on consoles are the Capoeira Lovelies Christie Monteiro (Tekken) and Elena (Streetfighter). In case you didn't know, Christie's a Brazilian lass taught the kickfighting arts by her grandfather; Elena's an African princess who seems part healer, part shaman, all barefoot hottie! Well, our feelings about Capcom having them on the disc yet keeping them away from us for now aside, I can't help but be grateful that they'll eventually be ours for the playing and enjoying soon enough. Even nicer, as far as I can tell even in their alternate costumes they're still barefoot, which is awesome. Elena is wearing her Julia lookalike outfit above, I think.

Anyway, till they're formally released, for now check out the vid above and the Youtube Channel of SFxTScammer for a lot more vids of these barefoot babes in action.

So, who's feet would you want to massage and worship more? Christie's or Elena's?

Ninja Asuka in Action! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Asuka makes a hot, hot ninja!

Here's an early look at the lovely Asuka Kazama in her alternate kunoichi attire for Streetfighter X Tekken. The outfit is either based on SF ninja's Ibuki or Geki, but in either case the outfit shows off Asuka's sexy (and big) feet nicely. Aside from these, I can at least confirm that Elena and Christie's alternates are also barefoot outfits, which is great- although Juri's alternate costumes both have her wearing sandals (argh). For now, check out the action above. I can't wait to get Asuka into this outfit DLC... she'll be wearing it permanently! Heheh...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ninja Asuka, Plus Christie and Elena! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Ninja Asuka! Or is it Ninjasuka?

Capcom's latest fighter, the crossover-crazy Streetfighter X Tekken is out in a couple of days. I didn't think my excitement for the game could get any higher but hey, it did thanks to the pic above. The costume may be a bit Bizarro-ish, but that is none other than Asuka Kazama up there, looking a bit like a kunoichi with her mask, ninja fishnet wardrobe, baggy pantaloons and, best of all, foot-exposing instep guard leggings. This is one of Asuka's alternate costumes which, as the way of the game goes, has her dressing up as someone from the opposing Streetfighter camp. Obviously, she's dressed up as Ibuki (or Guy, I guess), baring her toes and soles in the process. Which shouldn't be a biggie since she does after all wear instep guards with her usual P1 Martial Arts Uniform, although that sadly doesn't seem to be a part of this game. Well, lack of hakamas aside, thankfully with this outfit we can see Asuka's feet (albeit not fully bare, but it's fine) dealing out her kicks to the Capcom combatants. This outfit will apparently be DLC, and should be releaed sometime after launch.

Onto other barefoot babes in the game then! Well, they WILL be in the game eventually as DLC, but sadly Christie Monteiro and Elena, the two Capoeira Babes, will not be available out of the box on release day. The two will debut in the upcoming PS Vita version of Streetfighter X Tekken first- we assume they'll be released on PS3 and Xbox360 soon after that.
It'll be a while till we see them in action (though some CG cinematics of them have leaked on Youtube already!), so check out how their 3D models look (although in unfinished, uncolored form) below. Both are apparently barefoot in at least one of their alternate costumes as well, which is great.

Christie Monteiro is ready to samba!

This leggy princess is ready to rock the house with her dancing feet.

Ibuki, Juri, Asuka, Chrisite and Elena... well, SFxTekken's barefoot babe score just jumped up! This is one fun game that's not going to lack in hotties to ogle. Can't wait to grab my copy then when it launches very, very soon.