Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ibuki Play Arts Kai Coming!

Ibuki's Play Arts Kai figurine looks amazing!

Here's a cool treat for foot-loving gamers and fans of the adorable ninja girl, Ibuki. The barefooted kunoichi will be once again given physical form via Square Enix's Super Streetfighter IV Play Arts Kai action figure series. As you can see in the pic above and below, Ibuki is looking really beautiful, and of course her sexy feet look nicely feminine with attractively smooth heels and cute toes! The figure also seems to be very posable, so you can set up Ibuki to mimic her trademark in-game poses or ninja moves as you please.
It's a bit different treatment from the previous Ibuki action figures released (which I have a nice collection of... heheh). This version seems a bit more glossy (she seems to have makeup or lipstick on) and a bit stylized, but it is looking cool and a must get for any foot fan who likes to get a bit hands-on with their gaming muses.

The detail looks really nice, from her long bangs down to her cute-looking toes.

Anyway, the figure is out in March 2013 (alongside a Guile figurine, in case anyone cares). I'll probably pick this up on sight. For more pics of this figure, check out here.


  1. Great-looking figure for sure, I wish the elbow joints weren't so obvious. I might get one when it comes out.

    What other Ibuki figures do you have?

    1. I have (afaik) all the color variants of the Ibuki figure released by Sota Toys, an excellent statuette by Excellent Model and one figure with a cloth outfit I bought in Hong Kong. :) Yeah, I guess I really love Ibuki. But then, it's not like there are Makoto or other barefoot babe figures aplenty out there.

  2. Looks good man. I'm glad to see you are still in business