Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unknown (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Foot-loving gamers have been aching for this lovely boss for a long time...

Everything comes to he who waits, and in this case the wait has been quite a long one. But finally, at long last, the lovely, lethal Unknown is once again a playable character. This sexy boss lady has enchanted gamers ever since she first appeared in the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and we've all been clamoring to be able to play with this gooey gal. Well, with the latest (and perhaps last?) DLC unlock for TTT2, Unknown is ours (along with Dr. B. and Violet).  Well, the good news is- well, she's HOT as hell.

Unknown and Jun are a killer team- in both looks and skills!

I'm still hoping the Tekken team sees fit to give Unknown alternate costumes someday...

Like the Boss that she is, Unknown is darn powerful and can devastate opponents without really trying... all the better to crush them under her sexy heels...

Though some gamers may not like her losing her Mimic fighting style, I love that Unknown uses Jun's general style- 'cause it's damn sexy and is given to lots of yummy sole shots and high kicks! Also, her super moves and unique boss attacks are awesome. But of course that all aside, this girl just is so gorgeous... demonic eyes and evil aura regardless, I'm sure any red-blooded gamer and footfan will jump at a chance to give this hot villainess the worship and pampering that she rightly deserves- of course, much of it on those beautiful, deadly feet of hers. Anyway, I'll surely have tons of vids with this Beautiful Barefoot Boss in time, but you can all check out the vids of her in action that I have up right now. Man, if only she had customizations... or an alt where she's um... exposed like in her ending... heheh. Enjoy!

Unknown's TTT2 ending shows some tantalizing views...


  1. I am so glad I finally made it back to your blog man! You got the best stuff yet again and are making me psyched for all the sweet games out or coming out! I gotta get this game now dude! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hey dude, i've some screenshots of a new Rift character (Miela, from Storm Legion), she have some sexy feets. Where can i send you that?

  3. Send them to