Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Barefoot Babe Beatdowns in Shank 2

Evil jungle babes lurk in Shank 2's 4th Stage...

Here's a surprisingly cool treat I found in an unexpected game- Shank 2 (PC version), the brutal, cartoony 2D brawler/hack-and-slash sequel. I've always been intrigued at this sidescroller due to the art style (which seems a cross between J. Scott Campbell and Samurai Jack), but the first game had a distinct shortage of barefoot babes (although it did have Cassandra, a hot but non-barefoot villainess).

What a nice surprise it was to discover that this sophomore outing of the titular anti-hero Shank has him going up against an army of barefoot babes! In Stage 4 ('Lost in Ruin') Shank goes off into a ruined city in the jungle to throw a monkeywrench into the human-sacrificing and slave-trafficking operations of a cult known as the Children of Eden. The cult consists of sexy and beautiful but quite nasty and deadly ladies who wear little (and no shoes, nicely enough) in order to seduce and lull unsuspecting tourists into their trap. The head of the cult is Roselle Lopez, who wears a sexy bikini-type outfit (and a cool, if impractical cape) and goes barefoot like her minions.

Yeah, it's a shame to waste such fetching hotties, but these babes are nasty.

Shank of course has to take down all these baddies, babes and all, to shut down this evil scheme on his way to his ultimate goal. Yeah, it may seem a waste of lots of sexy unshod ladies, but hey, these girls are eeh-vil.

Roselle Lopez, the Cult Leader, is a bit... mature... but you can't argue her outfit is hawt.

On the other hand, I'm not so sure that Roselle is actually dead at the end- think of it, every other villain is graphically vanquished and leaves body parts or a mutilated corpse behind, while Rose is dragged off by wolves into the shadows. We presume she's wolfie chow, but who knows... maybe if there's a Shank 3, we'll see more barefoot villainesses back? We can only hope!

To be honest, the game is a 2D scroller and doesn't show as lavish views of the babes' feet as other 3D games, but still, this is a cool action title and you can get it quite cheap on Steam ($9.99 for PC), so if you want a game laced with hot bad girls, this may be a nice diversion for a while. OR you can just watch my vids above. In any case, I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Evil Jungle Babe toes and soles, though nasty, as still quite fetching. Heheh...

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