Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hotline Miami Art and Trailer (PC)

Bullets, blood, brains and a barefoot babe.

The artwork above with the lovely, unconscious barefoot blonde (and an eviscerated mobster, among other things) comes from the ultra-violent Hotline Miami, a game from indie developmer Dennaton Games that you can purchase right now on Steam for just $9.99. Why buy it? Because this stylish puzzle-action game is freakishly addictive and cool. That said, the barefoot babe content is pretty zero, since the game's graphics are on the retro side (which does well to make the violence a little less horrifying). But then, we do have the nice cover art above (the pig-masked hero and the girl do appear in-game, but aren't anywhere as detailed as in the art). Aside from the artwork above, you can see a live-action version of the hero and his damsel in distress in the game's launch trailer below.

Live-action trailer has a bit of a nice view...

So like many games, Hotline Miami's barefoot content is totally in art and media outside the games- which is nothing new but well, I think the stuff is worth posting about. Despite everything, this game is still pretty awesome and if you have a gaming PC and not too squeamish about lots of bloody murder in your game, it's worth a look. Less blood, more bare feet and babes in the next update, promise!


  1. Speaking of brains and bare feet,sherry birkin from RE6 goes bare foot in the lab section of jakes campaign.Just throwing that out there.

  2. Hahaha yeah, I'm aware of that. I have a copy of RE6, but haven't had time to play it. I'll post vids of Miss Birkin once I have them posted on the channel.