Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Underworld)

Lara in her TRU wetsuit is a barefoot vision of awesomeness.

I think it’s high time that I rectified a glaring absence in my blog. After almost three years of gushing about barefoot gaming babes, I have not given a proper post for one of interactive entertainment’s sexiest and most well-known heroines- and in fact, one of the hottest barefoot babes in all of videogames. I am of course talking about the one-and-only Lara Croft. Yeah, I’ve posted bits of her, but I noticed I’ve never really focused that well on her. So I’ll fix that now.
Why after all this time? Well, for starters, I just recently got a PC copy of arguably the best past Tomb Raider game (certainly MY favorite)- Tomb Raider: Underworld from Steam (at a wonderful cheap price), and I’ve been playing it for a bit.

That’s of course no surprise- being the last and latest game (the Ninth, in fact) in the series prior to the upcoming Reboot, TRU features the most life-like and detailed look for Miss Croft, albeit still retaining the trademark cartoonish style. Lara is more expressive, more detailed and wonderfully animated. In fact, she was motion-captured by a top gymnast for TRU, so she walks with noticeably sexy, catlike grace and poise. Aside from that, her character model is really gorgeous, with bare legs and feet that we are treated to not too long into the game!

Lara's barefoot, wetsuit-clad adventure starts early in Tomb Raider Underworld.

Lara spends the first couple of levels (barring the prologue intro level at a burning Croft Manor) clad in her wetsuit- which I have to say is probably hands-down her sexiest ‘normal’ outfit in the entire series. Yeah, some may prefer the old ‘Sola’ diving suit in TR2, but I prefer the TRU suit’s bikini-style cut that shows off more of Lara’s perfect legs. To add to the detail, Lara’s skin and outfit gets wet and glistening when she just got out of the water, and gets noticeably dirty and soiled if she rolls around too much on the ground. A nice detail if that’s your kind of thing.

The thought of Lara's bare, fleshy soles running through caverns... mmm.

Not even a mythical monster like the Kraken can withstand this barefoot beauty.

Anyway, TRU’s first couple of levels are certainly a foot-lovers fantasy; Lara swims to the bottom of the sea, battles sharks, runs and tumbles through dangerous caverns, battles mercenaries and escapes a sinking ship- all in her bare feet! This is, in my estimation, gaming’s equivalent of Chun-Li’s Barefoot Fight with Vega in the SF2 Anime… a sequence made with foot-lovers in mind. I truly have to thank the devs of Crystal Dynamics (some of whom are surely sole-fans themselves) for this game.

Lara gets waylaid by mercs at one point- I wonder if that lead thug snuck in a few kisses on Lara's feet while she was out cold?

With Lara’s fleshy, lovely soles (as well as her cute behind) teasingly bouncing before you, it’s really no wonder why one can’t get tired of playing and staring at the screen in this game for hours. I’m sure foot lovers are dreaming of giving this adventuress long massages on those toned legs and giving her soles and toes proper service with kisses aplenty, after a few sessions of TRU. What a vision!

Lara wears her wetsuit at least twice in the game- during the first couple of chapters and the last one. Incentive to finish the whole game then.

Sadly, the upcoming Reboot Tomb Raider isn’t sure to show a de-booted Lara, even if the devs seem ready to subject her to tons of harm. Me, I still think that the mature, sexy and professional Lara from Underworld is Miss Croft at her finest and sexiest- certainly the best for any foot-loving gamer!

Not even a ship fulll of heavily-armed mercenaries can withstand Lara's blazing guns and deadly feet!

Anyway, as I’ve said, gamers can always revisit TRU’s barefoot Lara either on console or on PC (the Xbox360 version though has tons of cool exclusive extras) to relive her best barefoot romps. Or, just watch the vids here on this post or at my Youtube Channel! I’ve posted videos of TRU’s first couple of levels, for posterity and anytime enjoyment. Sadly, it may take a bit of time to post the rest of the game’s levels with Lara in her wetsuit since they’re the last ones in the game, but I’ll try to do so eventually.

No baddie can stand up to this barefoot badass.

For now, enjoy the vids and fantasize about the lovely, lickable toes and delectable soles of Tomb Raider Underworld’s Lara Croft- perhaps our most beloved barefoot babe in gaming!

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