Monday, November 5, 2012

Asuka 'Ryu Cosplay' Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Barefoot Asuka in a Gi... Daaaaamn HOT!

It's been a long wait, but FINALLY a modder has given our adorable Tekken Tomboy, Asuka Kazama, a sexy barefoot mod in Streetfighter X Tekken. On the one hand, it's not another swimsuit or bikini mod (I'm still hoping for one to come eventually), but fans of this Troubleshooter from Osaka will not be disappointed. The mod lets Asuka cosplay as Ryu, putting her in a tattered martial arts gi... and, well... contrary to what you'd usually expect from a gi, this one is pretty sexy. For starters, the front gives a very nice view of Asuka's, um, healthy chest. The pants also show off a nice length of shin building down to Asuka's now totally-bare feet... and what big feet they are!

Lili may show off more skin, but Asuka's big, beautiful feet will please footfans to no end.

Up to now, every Tekken babe in SFxTK (Lili, Nina, Xiaoyu) has small feet (relative to the SF Girls), but Asuka is the sexy exception. Her feet are really hers (taken from her alt ninja outfit), not something swapped from another character's model.  Even in Tekken 6 her feet are nicely large, though its her hands that are more distinct... and I am loving it. Big feet means they're easier to see and adore- you really just have to get past the comical proportions and consider it's all just part of the art style of the in-game graphics, and not literal (in my opinion).

The 'Ryu' outfit certainly fits our lovable tomboy to a tee.

In any case, I'm happy that despite their size, I think Asuka's feet are still pretty and nice to look at, and it's about time they're fully bare and out of her trademark boots or the ninja foot protectors in her swap costume. I wish the modders could produce a version of Asuka's classic Hakamas outfit in SFxTK, but this gi outfit is already awesome. I think it fits Asuka perfectly, and looks just as great as any 'legit' alternate costume. Man, Capcom should hire these modders and make some of these awesome mods canon.

Despite not being a swimsuit, this mod certainly doesn't lack in sex appeal...

Asuka shows that not all Tekken Babes have tiny peds compared to the SF Girls...

Anyway, till THAT happens (don't hold your breaths), PC gamefans will have these barefoot beauties to themselves thanks to these awesome mods. Once again, my investment in a good gaming laptop pays off in spades. Finally got my Barefoot Asuka back and she's awesome in SFxTK. This game may not have been the success Capcom and the gaming world expected it to be, but I am loving it for all these sexy mods it has allowed to happen. I can't get enough of Asuka's sexy soles. Until someone produces a sexy bikini, I'll be keeping Asuka in this mod for the duration. Hehe. For now, enjoy the vids I've posted. There will definitely be more on the Channel soon.

Whether she's winning or losing, Asuka looks great regardless in this sexy mod.


  1. Funnily enough, the actual game still has sold 2 mil copies.
    It has gotten a lot of bad rep (some deserved, some being just stupid whinging), but it goes on.\
    And it's not just the SFxT 2013 gameplay update that will improve the core game, Elena and Christie are coming soon.
    Add Sakura and Alisa possible mods and this game may become one of the footsie treasures in many ways.
    I wished DoA 5 was as moddable, so close yet so far

  2. Yep, definitely SFxTK and SSFIVAE are footfan gems in gaming- I say, well worth getting a PC for. Hopefully there will be more fighters ported to PC for modding in the future... something indeed to hope for. For now though- these games are here to enjoy. ^__^

  3. How can I get these costumes for Asuka? I bought the game for Xbox and I was only able to get the ninja outfit.

  4. Sorry dude, but these mods are for the PC version.