Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bareboot Babe Backstage Brawl! (WWE13 PS3)

It's a footie female free-for-all!

I'll admit it- while I was a WWE fan years ago, I never really got into the games. I just can't get over how shoddy (well, that's my opinion) everything in a WWE game is compared to my favorite fighting games. The character models, the animations, the fighting system- the wrestling games just feel and look sluggish and below par. That said, I don't really consider WWE games as 'fighters' per se, but a whole different class of gaming. I do recognize though that as they have progressed, the WWE titles have quite awesome assets and features included in their Character Creation/Customization mode. So why not have at least one video showing off what the latest WWE game has to offer to footfans.

So I just messed around a bit in CAS mode and created a quartet of barefoot femme fatales to brawl with each other to the last babe standing in the game's Backstage Brawl mode. It's a cool mode that lets four challengers duke it out, with the cool thing for me being that KO'ed fighters remain lying on the floor after they're beaten. I wish other fighters had this kind of mode.

So check out the vid and see if it's your cup of tea. Certainly it's got hot, hot barefoot babes to enjoy for those willing to put in some time in the CAS mode. Probably not really my thing, but I can say that I'd love to give any of my made-up madams a foot massage anytime, and that's something. Hehehe...


  1. Try the game Raw 2 for the original Xbox :)
    Its character models are even better than the most recent games and it's got an awesome create-a-wrestler mode. You can also customize the preset characters (and paint toenails ;))