Thursday, December 13, 2012

Julia Chang: Brainy Barefoot Bikini Babe! (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Julia Chang... Jaw-droppingly HOT.

In all the Tekken series, one babe that is often understated for some reason is the stunning Julia Chang. Perhaps it's the unassuming wardrobe, the earthy colors or her humble, bookish personality that often takes a backseat to femme fatale assassins, teenage Lolitas and brash tomboys. That may be part of the reason why, in Tekken Tag 2, the lovely scientist/streetfighter suddenly turned Masked Luchador.
Still, while I love Jaycee- regular, classic Julia is not without her charm or her hotness.
Ironically, it's not Namco but Capcom that shows off Miss Chang in her classic form and really makes her shine, in Streetfighter X Tekken. In her first appearance in an SFxTK trailer, Julia is shown as a beauty to behold; and indeed- once we see her in-game, she's an exemplar of both brains AND looks (and brawn as well... she can kick ass!). I have to say, Capcom's designers really did well to make Julia really gorgeous in the cross-over fighter.

That hotness gets turned up to eleven now, as modder Segadordelinks comes up with a hot and sexy Bikini Mod for Julia... and as you can see in the pics... she's a sight for sore eyes. Julia's slim and trim physique is irresistible, and thankfully her feet are nicely rendered, smooth and very feminine.

Even beside the beastly beautiful Juri, Julia is svelte and sexy.

It's been a long time coming, but I dare say this is one of the best sexy mods I've seen yet. Julia is a vision to behold in action, and I'm sure footfans will be green with envy with her partner Bob, who I'm sure gives this lovely brainiac beauty foot massages in between fights (I know I would... and sneak in a kiss or two on her toes). Anyway, enjoy this first bunch of videos with the Bikini Model Tag Team of Julia and Lili making for a formidable combination!

FINALLY, Julia barefoot and bikini-clad... Once again, I am so glad I bought my laptop. I'll be posting a lot more Julia (and other babes in SFxTK) on the Youtube Channel, so check up there regularly for more vids. Later then!

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