Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yuuka Sakuraba (Asura Cross on iOS)

Busty, barefoot Judo Princess Yuuka can be with you wherever you go!

Here's a last minute surprise for the year. All this time, I'm sure that foot-loving gamers have always been looking for a mobile/portable game that gives access to our barefoot babes even when we're away from our consoles. Sadly these have been pretty scarce- though PSP versions of Tekken 6 (very minimalist) and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny give a bit of sole action on-the-go. You could also use a PSX emulator for Android to have barefoot babe classic Dead or Alive (PS1) on your smartphone. But aren't there any original games that gives us some unshod hotties to play with? Well, there is!
The game is, nicely enough, a fighting game called Asura Cross. This brawler is available for iOS (iPhones, iPad) and has Universal support. One of the fighters is the fetching Judo Champion, Yuuka Sakuraba. This lovely challenger boasts a large number of judo moves and holds which I've never seen before animated in a fighter (not even in Data East's Fighter's History). Really, the game isn't just a throwaway shovelware product- it's a pretty full-featured fighting game with a fairly deep system complete with combos, counters and a roster of unique fighters. The animation as well is smooth and fluid. And to sweeten the pot, the game is FREE!

Now, the bad news. The game, being a Freemium title, will eventually drive you to spend real money via in-app purchases. In order to progress and stand a chance against the unfairly powerful CPU opponents, you'll have to either spend money to upgrade your fighter or grind for a long, long, long time. Pretty annoying, if you ask me. Well, thankfully you don't need to spend to see Yuuka in action, so I guess this game is still worth checking out if you have an Apple device- heck, this is perhaps the only fighter with a barefoot babe on the platform, so why not? I still think DOA or Soul Blade on my Android Phone is still the best barefoot babe fighter you can have on the go anyways, but for a change, this is pretty cool.


  1. About Yuuka there is this awesome fanart created by scamwich (I love his works):

  2. Hahaha thanks for the link. As always, scamwich is darn awesome when it comes to barefoot babe art. It's also cool to see he visits the blog. ^___^