Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chun-Li: Barefoot Fighting Goddess! (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Chun-Li: Lightning Legs and Sexy Feet FTW!

For the past year, I’ve been enjoying sexy, barefoot fighting action in Streetfighter X Tekken (PC) to the utmost, thanks to hot, hot, hot barefoot mods created by some talented artists. Thanks to these modders, we’ve been able to enjoy the soles and toes of our most beloved videogame muses in-game. Surely one of the hottest heroines in Streetfighter is the original World Warrior Woman, Chun-Li herself. The lovely Interpol agent has been showing off her impressive bod and formidable feet for quite some time now.
I admit, for a while the way Chun has been portrayed in the SF4 series has been a bit of an acquired taste- but lately, Chun’s more buff physique (those THIGHS!) has grown on me, and I think her being quite muscular has been balanced out with her graceful moves and sweet personality.
Just recently, Chun has been given a proper Bikini Mod that really shows off her beauty and brawn perfectly, and really- I’ve never seen her so sexy!

Chun-Li (and Cammy) are the sexiest babe team in Streetfighter X Tekken. Recognize!

Her feet are big but beautiful in their detail and 'expressiveness'. Within the game's art style I think they fit her perfectly. Chun-Li’s no parlor princess- this is a battling babe, through and through- A True Streetfighting Beauty. Some may dislike the game's cartoony proportions, but I think true footfans will surely find Streetfighter X Tekken's Chun-Li a formidable beauty with strong, sexy legs and feet worth both fearing and admiring. Chun can lightning kick those gorgeous toes and soles into my face anytime!
To celebrate Chun’s new Bikini mod, here are several new vids with the lovely Kung Fu Queen in action (often with another uber-hottie, Barefoot Cammy). I think it’s a great way to end the year, with one of the sexiest barefoot babes in gaming. But of course, I’ll always have Chun-Li and company around for now and the foreseeable future. For now, enjoy the vids!


  1. another bikini mod.....the hell am I not surprised

  2. It won't be the last. Apologies in advance...