Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asuka Barefoot Battles! (Tekken 6)

Ready to go a round or two with her?

The great thing about Tekken 6, my favorite fighting game, is the large number of hot, barefoot-able babes in the roster. Last week, I played around with Asuka Kazama- hot Osaka-born teenage Kazama-Ryu martial artist, part-time vigilante and world-class fighter. Oh, and sexy barefoot babe with some of the fleshiest, most eye-catchingly yummy soles in the game. Currently, my Asuka's wearing her nice Kosode top- a fetching traditional Japanese top that nicely shows off a tasty bit of shoulder and arm from Miss Kazama. Her bottom is, of course, my favorite cloth shorts or sarashi, which is basically just a long piece of white cloth wrapped around her lower bod (over some undies, I'm sure). It's a simple but sexy number that just shows off a lot of skin and Asuka's fine physique. Of course, her amazing legs and feet are bare, her fresh soles padding on the lucky ground beneath them.

Enjoy these hot vids showing Asuka kicking ass with her hot soles, both taking and dishing out some sexy KOs. Enjoy!

Asuka faces off with Christie Monteiro in this barefoot babe match.

Dark anti-hero Jin is tough, but Asuka will make him taste de feet!

Azazel's demonic powers can't stand up to a Asuka's pure soles!

Who's the next babe in the barefoot battlin' spotlight? Wait and see...


  1. Oh wow she is beyond hot. I love barefoot customisationm. It's always fun. ^-^

  2. Alright, Tekken 6 time! Looks like I might get a chance at a sequel after all...

  3. I hope bf options remain in Tekken Tag 2.
    Imagine if Tekken x Street FIghter allows it too and SF girls will be costumizable as well. A man can dream

  4. Wow a lot of great stuff to catch up on. Always love the Tekken girls. That picture of Asuka is massively hot. Love the clips as well. ^_^

  5. Hehe.... I'm sure you're gonna love the next update, KSC. ^___^