Monday, March 21, 2011

Messengers of the Vigil (Rift)

Death in the world of Rift means meeting barefoot winged hotties... wow!

Our friend and sometimes contributor OlgerthHeidern666 has given us this awesome update, with barefoot babes from the new MMO Rift. The babes here are the mysterious, somewhat creepy but quite hot Messengers of the Vigil. These winged, blindfolded hotties are beings who watch over members of the Guardian faction. Similar to the Valkyries in Norse mythology, the Messengers gather the dead to be resurrected as new warriors for their cause. In-game, they are NPCs that give you a couple of quests, and they appear to heal players when they die. Sadly, that's about as much interaction you can have with these enigmatic beauties, aside from just ogling their lovely, impressively-detailed and soft-looking soles as they float about.

Rather intimidating and creepy, but you can't doubt they have sexy feet!

As imposing and hard their armor may be, the Messenger's bare soles look wonderfully soft and kissable.

So if you're looking for an MMO alternative to WOW, Rift at least has some nice incentives on offer. Heh. Check out the cool video above to see a Messenger carrying off some lucky soul, and see the pics below for some nice views. Man, I'd love to give these Messengers' feet the worship they obviously deserve. Enjoy!

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  1. Very very nice! I would love to meet one of them face-to-foot!