Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Barefoot Bonus Stages (Super Streetfighter IV)

One of the best barefoot babe games you can get on your console these days is the hot fighting game, Super Streetfighter IV, thanks to the trio of sexy unshod female combatants in the roster. Adorable ninja Ibuki, the Girl with True Karate Sole, Makoto, and the delectable Taekwondo Dominatrix, Juri Han. All three have their unique charm, look and attraction, yet they all share one thing- sexy bare feet that are as strong and invincible as they are sexy and oh, so good to kiss and lick! And they show off just how powerful in these videos as each girl takes on the game's cool Car Crushing Bonus Stage. So, which girl beats her mobile moog into submission the best? Check out the vids yourself and decide for yourself. Just imagine those hot soles raining down on your face. OUCH! That hurts so... good. Heheh.

Ibuki's nimble feet are ninjitsu-powered, so they can pack serious power as well as speed.

Just like her fighting style, Makoto's feet hide nothing, show everything- just pure raw power in those big, beautiful soles.

If looks could kill, Juri's sexy, pink-painted toes would make the car explode in an instant. But her kicks work too!

And how about a BONUS Bonus Stage video? Here's Makoto using her karate feet to beat a fleet of barrels into oblivion. Such exercise will surely make this girl tired. I'm sure she'll appreciate a foot massage on those soles and toes of hers after it all.

Bare Feet vs Barrels... FIGHT!


  1. mmm...I really love those three and their feet...sooo sexy...

  2. Totally, I love all of their feet and wish I suck and worship them from sun up to sundown.